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Dona Ana County Democratic Socialists of America is a Las Cruces New Mexico affiliate of Democratic Socialists of America.


On the last day of March 2019 in Las Cruces, a handful of comrades gathered in the Casa De Los Amigos, the New Mexico border town’s Quaker meeting hall. Chapter co-chair John DesGeorges, at thirty-three one of the youngest people in attendance, opened the meeting. The national organization had recently endorsed Bernie Sanders. “He’s the only self-declared socialist with a serious chance to become president since Eugene Debs,” DesGeorges said. “We should consider if we want to endorse him.”

They weighed the idea. “People shouldn’t automatically assume that the DSA is going to endorse Bernie,” Cassie Calway said. “There’s a lot of progressive candidates, and everyone has kind of moved one direction because of his ideas. I’m mostly worried about the #MeToo movement, with him.” The group agreed to consider the question in coming months.

With the state legislature’s session having ended recently, national politics were on the group’s mind. “Our main goal for a while was working on the New Mexico Health Security Act,” DesGeorges recalled, “which is now just hanging in the air.” Dona Ana County Democratic Socialists of America had made the bill their signature issue, hoping to establish single-payer healthcare throughout the state. The DSA chapter pressured state legislators to support it by tabling and canvassing through the region and by hosting educational forums. They were locally successful—Las Cruces, the seat of Doña Ana County, was among the thirty-five municipalities and counties that signed up. But the bill ultimately stalled in committee.[1]



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