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Don Bechler

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In 2009 Don Bechler, Veteran Healthcare Activist, San Francisco served on the board of directors of Healthcare-Now! .[1]

Single Payer Now!

In 2010, volunteers for San Francisco's Single Payer Now! included Susan Cieutat, Kathy Barbour, Judy Beck, Jaime Becker, Matthew Boddum, Diedra Booker, Ann Chen, Barbara Commins, Marilyn Cornwell, Suzanne Cowan & James Cowan, Fran Devlin, Ralph Forsyth, Lou Gold, Josh Gordon, Ileana Guillen , Nathalia Guillen , & Raquel Guillen, Louise Heatlie, Barry Hermanson, Brittani Hughes-Davis, Joan Intrator, T. J. Johnston, Betty Kallo, Denise Libien, Donald Nemeyer, Deborah Sohr, Tim Taggart, Eileen Wampole, & Don Bechler Barry Hermanson.[2]


Get the facts! Bernie Sanders’ solution to the U.S. healthcare crisis is affordable. See a documentary and hear panelists at the Starry Plough Pub, 3101 Shattuck Ave in Berkeley on Saturday, March 19, 2016 . Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) and Therapists for Single Payer are sponsoring this program to rebut the criticism of Sander’s platform: that it will cost too much and lead to excessive taxation.

The program kicks off with “Fix It”, a new documentary produced by Richard Master, CEO of MCS Industries Inc. , the nation’s leading supplier of wall and poster frames. This video shows it’s not just consumers who are demanding a “single payer”, MediCare for all system. Master says, “It is time we realize we don’t have to tolerate a system—a $3 trillion system—in which one of three dollars is wasted….Please join me and many others in the fight for a simplified, single-payer health care system.”

Following the video, a panel with Dr. Henry Abrons from Physicians for a National Health Program, Don Bechler of Single Payer Now, and Joel Milgram (whose wife received significant medical care under the Canadian universal system) will kick off a discussion of universal health care for the U.S. Despite the gains provided by the Affordable Care Act, “Obamacare”, millions are still without health insurance, millions more are woefully underinsured, and thousands face huge out-of-pocket medical bills–still the leading cause of bankruptcy in the U.S.

Master’s investigation into why his company was paying $1.5 million and still facing escalating premiums every year shows that business owners have a stake in healthcare reform too. David Steil, a Republican legislator in Pennsylvania for 16 years, told Master, “Conservatives should be supportive of single-payer because it costs less. When they look at the single-payer model they will come quickly to the conclusion that it is the least expensive, the most supportive of a free market and will have the most direct effect on the costs of their operation.”[3]