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Diane Randall is a leading member of the Communist Party of Britain in the Midlands.[1]

Communist Party centenary conference

Communist Party of Britain was live. August 1 2020· RED WEDGE #CP100 - EU Imperialism & Austerity

With Robert Griffiths (Communist Party general secretary), John Foster (International secretary Communist Party), Laura Briggs (Member of the National Education Union, Lancashire), Sandra Pereira (Member of European Parliament Portuguese Communist Party), Moz Greenshields (Member of Derby Trades Council), Eugene McCartan (General secretary Communist Party of Ireland) #CP100.

Participants included Max Van de Poll Young Communist League of Britain - Brighton, Hank Roberts, Robert Wilkinson, Pam Pink, Marc Bilbao-Asensio, Malcolm Wallace, Dina Groden, Diane Randall, Steve, Javier Vivo, Michael Allan, Steve Arloff, Andrew Maybury, Marian Carty, Brent Cutler, Calvin Tucker, Mike Hallinan.[2]

Education for Tomorrow leadership


The 2014 Education for Tomorrow Editorial Board included Martin Brown (editor), Ann Brown, Tony Farsky, Gawain Little, Diane Randall, Hank Roberts, Simon Watson.