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Diana Lopez

Diana Lopez is based in San Antonio Texas.

Movement Generation delegation to Klimateforum09

Thursday December 17, 2009, 12 noon, Copenhagen time Movement Generation delegation members to the Klimateforum09 in Copenhagen gathered at the American Embassy, Copenhagen.

North American indigenous Delegation, Movement Generation Justice and Ecology Project, and the Environmental Justice and Climate Change Initiative, along with other grassroots groups from the United States will deliver a letter to President Barack Obama demanding that the United States take real, rights-based approaches to climate change and ecological debt.

Speakers scheduled were:

Other Resource people from many other organizations were also present, including: Gopal Dayaneni, Movement Generation; Alicia Garza, People Organized to Win Employment Rights (San Francisco, Right to the City, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance); Mari Rose Taruc, Asian Pacific Environmental Network (Movement Generation Bay Area network, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, Richmond); Marisa Franco, Right to the City (NY); Roxana Aguilar, Strategic Actions for a Just Economy (Right to the City, Los Angeles); Jill Johnston, Southwest Workers Union (Grassroots Global Justice Alliance); Diana Lopez, Southwest Workers Union (Grassroots Global Justice Alliance); Jose Bravo, Just Transition Alliance (Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, San Diego); Cecil Corbin-Mark, West Harlem Environmental Actiobn (Environmental Justice Leadership Forum, New York); Jacqui Patterson, Women of Color United (GA); and Diana Pei Wu, Movement Strategy Center (CA).[1]

Climate Change COP 20

Nearly three months after mobilizing over 19,000 people with the Climate Justice Alliance to the People’s Climate March and Summit in New York City during September 2014, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance (GGJ) is leading a delegation of 12 grassroots leaders from frontline communities impacted by economic crisis and climate change in the United States to the People’s Summit on Climate Change COP 20 in Lima, Peru from December 8–11, 2014.

Four leading delegates were;

Kali Akuno, Coordinator, Cooperation Jackson, Jackson MS, United States, Diana Lopez, Director, Southwest Workers Union, San Antonio, TX, United States, Tom B.K. Goldtooth, Executive Director, Indigenous Environmental Network, Bemidji, MN, United States, Cindy Wiesner, National Coordinator, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance; Co-Director, Climate Justice Alliance.

PR contacts were Ife Kilimanjaro in Lima, and Shaun Grogan-Brown in the US.[2]

SWU Personnel

Southwest Workers Union personnel, as of 2015;[3]

Grassroots Global Justice Alliance Coordinating Committee

Grassroots Global Justice Alliance Coordinating Committee, as of 2015;[4]

"Building Bridges to Empower a true majority" conference

Louis Head October 24, 2015:


Leroy Johnson, Curtis Hill, Diana Lopez, Julian Mendez, Janelle Astorga-Ramos, Javier Benavidez and Brenda Hyde: Southern Echo, Inc., Southwest Workers Union and SouthWest Organizing Project discuss Accountable Governance and the relationship between organizing, electoral work, and the building of relationships of accountability between communities and public officials. — in Madison, Mississippi.

Steering Ctte members

Louis Head February 21, 2015:


South X Southwest Experiment Steering Ctte members at the SxSWE/SouthWest Organizing Project mural. — with Dorian Angulo, Amanda Milagro Gallegos, Diana Lopez, Betty L. Petty, Brenda Hyde, Janelle Astorga-Ramos, Emma Jones, Curtis Hill, Javier Benavidez and Joaquin Muerte at Albuquerque Center for Peace & Justice.