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Devin Howard is a member of Phoenix Democratic Socialists of America. Lives in Tempe, Arizona .




In August 2017 the Executive of Phoenix Democratic Socialists of America consisted of...

  • Devin Howard, the chair of the Phoenix DSA chapter.


Devin Howard, 26, is a lifelong Phoenix resident and a biology student at ASU. In a common story among Phoenix DSA members, Howard was motivated to join DSA after the 2016 election: a one-two punch of watching their preferred candidate lose the Democratic primary while an unthinkable figure won the White House.

"I was a big fan of Bernie Sanders and was devastated by his loss, and felt even more compelled to do something after Trump was elected," she said.

At the time, there was no DSA chapter in Arizona. Although she had never done any political organizing, Howard got tired of waiting for the surge of national interest in DSA to reach the Valley.

"I tried to wait until there would be a Phoenix chapter started, and nothing happened," Howard said.

Taking matters into their own hands, Howard and several other Phoenix residents banded together in February to discuss organizing a chapter. After receiving the official nod from the national DSA in July, they've watched Young DSA chapters crop up at ASU and the University of Arizona, and even at several local high schools.

The Phoenix chapter is going to keep canvassing in the coming weeks and months, along with their regular meetings. Medicare-For-All is DSA’s national priority right now, according to Howard. But the Phoenix socialists are also trying to make progress where they can on other fronts.

"We’re also trying to strengthen the labor movement, create more unions. The push for free college tuition is a big one, especially among YDSA chapters — anything that can put more power in the hands of the people," Howard said.

"The long-term goal is socialism," she added. "And we think we can do it."[1]

Arizona DSA Facebook group

Members of the Democratic Socialists of America - Arizona, Closed Facebook Group, as of January 11, 2018 included Devin Howard.[2]