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Supporting Obama

In late 2007 several Illinois labor union officials-Tom Balanoff, Henry Bayer, Margaret Blackshere, Dennis Gannon and Henry Tamarin.

From December 3rd 2007[1];

Ill. Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign held a conference call for Nevada reporters today to highlight Obama’s record of support both by and for organized labor. On the call were Tom Balanoff, president of the Illinois SEIU State Council and Local 1, Henry Bayer, executive director of the AFSCME Council 31, Margaret Blackshere, former president of the Illinois AFL-CIO, Dennis Gannon, president of the Chicago Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO and Henry Tamarin, president of UNITE HERE Local 1.
“He comes from us,” said Balanoff on Obama. “He understands our problems. We could count on Barack on all issues important to working families. Healthcare, general economic justice, jobs… Barack was there, not only there but oftentimes leading.”
The conference call came at a difficult time for Obama’s campaign in his effort to court organized labor in the state..."