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The Democratic Workers Party , was a somewhat short-lived marxist, "American socialism" party reportedly created by a group of women. In the Maoist-oriented U.S. radical weekly The Guardian of June 1, 1983, the DWPannounced the publication of its journal Our Socialism, on page 6. The following is their own words about who they were and who/what were involved with the publication.

"Our Socialism: Introducing a new journal of analysis, debate and action:

We want to introduce you to "Our Socialism, an exciting new monthly magazine. Initiated by the [{Democratic Workers Party]] DWP, "Our Socialism" is a unique form our journal. Why? Because it is not limited to the views of the DWP, but features a variety of authors and viewpoints, a variety of sophisticated analysis and practical experience on the U.S. and the world today. Given than an American socialism is today undefined, we expect debate and we welcome it. Now it the time for the exploration and free exchange of ideas on defining the road to our socialism, an American socialism, and on how e can change this world.

Look at the first issues:

  • Bertram Gross on Grassroots National Planning
  • Samir Amin on the Middle East
  • Philip Foner on the History of Blacks and Socialism in the U.S.
  • Andre Gunder Frank on the Atlantic Alliance
  • James Cockcroft on Mexico, The Left in Israel
  • Marlene Dixon on Electoral Politics and on the International Debt Crisis
  • Blase Bonpane: An Open Letter to the Pope on Central America; Organizing for Full Employment in Oakland, CA; Popular and Mass Movements in Mexico; Review of 'Ghandhi', 'Frances', 'MASH', CPUSA Sectarianism

Plus: A Living Example: The story of how a group of women forged and built the DWP"

OS Publications, PO Box 42489, Dept. GA4, San Francisco, CA 94142-2489