Democratic Socialists of America Immigrants Rights Committee

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Democratic Socialists of America Immigrants Rights Committee is affiliated with Democratic Socialists of America.

DSA Immigrants’ Rights Committee Statement on DACA, Sept 5, 2017

President Donald Trump’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, program, under pressure from a nine-state coalition led by the Texas Attorney General, represents another racist attack by his administration on immigrants, in this case on young people who were brought into the United States as children. The undersigned members of the Democratic Socialists of America denounce the repeal of DACA and maintain solidarity with the nearly one million DACA recipients who will become targets for harassment and deportation by ICE.

We know DACA is insufficient. We remain committed to fighting alongside undocumented immigrants ineligible for DACA: those who have felony convictions, those without access to higher education, and those who immigrated as adults. We reject the notion that immigrants should have to earn basic human rights and decent treatment by serving in the armed forces, getting a higher education, or being productive workers. DACA itself represents that kind of thinking turned into policy. The moral division between “deserving” and “undeserving” immigrants ignores the role of policing and the criminal justice system in criminalizing undocumented immigrants. Instead, we recognize the dignity and human rights of all immigrants and demand dignified and humane treatment of all people, regardless of how productive they are for the capitalist ruling class.

As socialists, we recognize the rights of the international working class to live without fear of persecution and repression by governments and bosses. The conditions that cause much of 21st-century immigration are symptoms of capitalist-driven global imperialism, driven in large part by the United States. We affirm the rights of all working people to remain and thrive in the locations of their choosing, but also recognize that the forces of capitalism - economic policies, military intervention, and climate change - increasingly force people to leave their homes and relocate in order to survive.

We reaffirm our commitment to the struggles of undocumented immigrants in this country, demanding their labor rights as workers and human rights as people. We are dedicated to building sanctuary spaces in our communities and demanding the implementation of Sanctuary policies on the city and state level throughout the country. As socialists, we recognize that migration is a human right and commit ourselves to working for full citizenship for all people and their right to organizing in the workplace.

We are committed to fighting the deep injustices within the criminal justice and immigration systems and demand comprehensive immigration reform that recognizes the rights and humanity of all working people, regardless of citizenship.