Democracy in America

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not to be confused with Democracy for America

Democracy in America


The organization's purpose is stated on their website:[1]

  • To engage large numbers of Americans in the process of authentic, healthy dialogue across differences.
  • To reunite American people, knowledge, issues, and interests by re-establishing trust, respect and communication across political boundaries.
  • To model, in practice, the ideals of a democratic republic by facilitating cooperative, enduring, higher ground solutions to the challenges of our time.
  • To welcome all points of view to the same table with respect, safety and civility, at all levels of society, across the divides of geography, partisanship, religion, race, class, and power.

Conference on Democracy in America

The Conference was sponsored by Let's Talk America and the Democracy in America Project[2] and funded by the Fetzer Institute.[3]

The following is a list of participants in the first Conference on Democracy in America, held June 11-13, 2004 and the second Conference on Democracy in America, held December 1-4, 2005. They are also refered to as "advisors", however it is unclear what capacity they hold in the organization.[4]