Dolores Delgado Campbell

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Dolores Delgado Campbell

Dolores Delgado Campbell is a California activist. She is a Democratic Socialists of America member and professor of women’s history and Mexican American history at American River College in Sacramento, California.

She is married to Duane Campbell.

UFW connection

For Duane Campbell, for Al Rojas, Dolores Delgado Campbell and others in the Democratic Socialists of America Latino Commission , the Cesar Chavez's United Farm Workers was a school for organizing.[1]

Like hundreds of activists in labor and community organizations today, we were trained in the union. This cadre of organizers is the UFW's second legacy.

DSA Feminist Commission

In 1986 Dolores Delgado Campbell of California was listed as a member of the Feminist Commission of the Democratic Socialists of America.[2]

Huerta connection

Dolores Campbell, Dolores Huerta, Duane Campbell 2008

DSA National Convention

Speakers at the 1986 Democratic Socialists of America 2nd National Convention, in Berkeley California, included: Nicaraguan Foreign Minister, Fr. Miguel D'Escoto, Mpho Tutu, daughter of SA Anglican Bishop, Desmond Tutu, Marta Petrusewicz, Barbara Ehrenreich, Rep. Ron Dellums, Elinor Glenn, Michael Harrington, Harold Meyerson, Paulette Pierce, David Plotke, Jim Shoch, Beverly Stein, Mel Pritchard, Jim Jacobs, Dolores Delgado Campbell, Guy Molyneux, Cornel West, Gail Radford.[3]

Mexican connection

Democratic Left, September, 1993, page 20

On June 24 1993, in Mexico City, DSA Latino Commission leaders Dolores Delgado Campbell and Duane Campbell met with Cuahtemoc Cardenas, PRD candidate for President of Mexico in 1994. They planned a conference to be called"NAFTA and Human Rights in Mexico," which would be held at California State University at Sacramento on October 20 and 21. [4]

Sacramento DSA

Circa 2000 Local officers of Sacramento Democratic Socialists of America included;

Chair : Duane Campbell, Treasurer: Edwina White, Membership Chair, Sharon Alexander, Exec. Committee: Eric Vega, Angel Picon, Dolores Delgado Campbell and "other fine people"[5].

DSA Latino Commission

In 2002 Eric Vega and Dolores Delgado Campbell, both from the Sacramento local were co-chairs of the Democratic Socialists of America Latino Commission.[6]


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