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Debbie Mucarsel-Powell

Debbie Mucarsel-Powell won election to Congress in 2018, from Florida 26.

Married to Robert Powell.


Debbie Mucarsel-Powell immigrated to the United States from Ecuador as a young girl with her mother and sisters.

While working her way through high school and college, Debbie earned her Bachelor’s degree in political science from Pitzer College. She then gained her Master’s degree in International Political Economy from Claremont Graduate University while working as an office manager at a shipping company to make ends meet.

After her father died in a senseless act of gun violence, Mucarsel-Powell became a strong advocate for gun safety legislation. She fights for universal background checks and a ban on assault rifles so that families don’t have to endure the tragedy hers did. Even before she was in sworn in, she became a member of the Gun Violence Prevention Task Force. From her first day, she has taken her place as a champion for gun safety, health care, immigration reform, the environment, and human rights.

Debbie stood out in the freshman class of the 116th Congress when she was appointed to the House Judiciary Committee, where she sits on the Immigration & Citizenship Subcommittee and Crime, Terrorism, & Homeland Security Subcommittee. She immediately got to work on the Judiciary Committee fighting for immigration reform and commonsense gun safety. She will use her position on the Judiciary Committee to fight for public safety and human rights everywhere.

Mucarsel-Powell also sits on the Transportation & Infrastructure Committee, where she advocates for South Florida on the Water Resources & Environment Subcommittee and Economic Development, Public Buildings, & Emergency Management Subcommittee. She is fighting for clean water and comprehensive responses to climate change.

She has become a leading voice for regional stability in Latin America by advocating for the peaceful restoration of democracy in Venezuela.[1]

Mucarsel needed to get a scholarship to attend Pitzer College where she studied Political Science. After completing her Bachelor’s Degree, Debbie worked as an office manager at a shipping company to save money to pay her way through graduate school. In 1996, Debbie graduated from Claremont University with a Master’s Degree in International Political Economy.

Debbie Mucarsel-Powell has spent the last twenty-years dedicated to improving the lives of underserved communities in Miami-Dade, working for non-profit organizations such as the Hope Center, Zoo Miami Foundation, and the Coral Restoration Foundation, and since 2003 at the College of Health at Florida International University and, since its inception, the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine. Debbie has worked tirelessly to establish and grow the Green Family Foundation NeighborhoodHELP program at FIU and improve healthcare access for more Floridians.[2]

Chief of staff

Congresswoman-elect Debbie Mucarsel-Powell has named former Bill Nelson and State Department advisor Laura Rodriguez as her first chief of staff.

Support from Onward Together

Onward Together supported Debbie Mucarsel-Powell as a candidate for the 2018 midterm elections.[3]

Council for a Livable World

In 2018 Debbie Mucarsel-Powell was endorsed by Council for a Livable World.[4]

Congressional Progressive Caucus PAC

March 22nd, Congressional Progressive Caucus PAC (CPC PAC), the political arm of the 76-member Congressional Progressive Caucus, announced its endorsements in 4 races for the House of Representatives.

The CPC PAC is proud to announce its support for the talented candidates in the following races:

Congressional Progressive Caucus

Shortly after the 2018 election Debbie Mucarsel-Powell joined the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

NFM 2020 endorsements

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The New Florida Majority is proud to endorse Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and the following local candidates:

Donna Deegan – Congressional District 4, Javier Fernandez – Florida Senate District 39, Omari Hardy – Florida House District 88, Pam Keith – Congressional District 18, Gepsie Metellus – Miami-Dade County Commission District 3, Debbie Mucarsel-Powell – Congressional District 26, Harold Pryor – Broward State Attorney, Tammyette Thomas – Florida House District 15

“We are fortunate to have a sizeable slate of phenomenal candidates up and down the ballot for this year’s elections. Our work is driven by Black and Brown communities and our decision to endorse these strong, prospective candidates is rooted in the dreams and demands of our most marginalized communities. We believe these candidates are ready and eager to use their political power to take us from Florida where we are to the Florida we most want to see. We are excited about the work ahead,” said NewFM Political Director Dwight Bullard.

These new endorsements are in addition to affirming seven previously endorsed candidates including Daniella Levine Cava (Miami-Dade County Mayor), Nicole Hamm (Jacksonville City Council 4), Eileen Higgins (Miami-Dade County Commission District 5), Shevrin Jones (SD 35), Nancy Metayer (Coral Springs Commission Seat 3), Rep. Cindy Polo (HD 103) and Sen. Jose Javier Rodriguez (SD 37).[6]

Policing round table

June 8 2020, Representative Donna Shalala joined more than 150 Members of Congress in co-sponsoring the Justice in Policing Act of 2020, a bold, comprehensive approach to hold police accountable, change the culture of law enforcement and build trust between law enforcement and our communities. If signed into law, the Justice in Policing Act of 2020 would ban chokeholds, mandate the use of dashboard cameras, prohibit local law enforcement from racial, religious and discriminatory profiling, and facilitate training on racial, religious, and discriminatory profiling for all law enforcement.

WHO: Congresswoman Donna Shalala, (FL-27)

DSA connections

Debbie Mucarsel-Powell is close to Democratic Socialists of America.

Press call

Tomas Kennedy July 7 2020·


Press call today with Congresswoman Debbie Mucarsel-Powell and State Representative Cindy Polo to highlight the cruel and inhumane treatment immigrants are facing in detention and how they are being exposed to COVID-19. We need to fight to make sure people in detention are freed. — with Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, Cindy Polo, Maria Asuncion Bilbao, Wendy King, Daniel Yim, Romina Montenegro, Katy Nystrom, Jackeline Dos Ramos, Sofia Casini.

Covid Zoomcall


Tomas Kennedy August 26 2020·

This was an important conversation happening right now on the inhumane conditions immigrants face in detention and how COVID-19 has made those conditions worse.

With Maria Bilbao, Tomas Kennedy, Rep. Anna Eskamani, Evan Jenne, Rep. Dotie Joseph, Romina Montenegro, Daniella Levine Cava, Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, John Potes, Yariel Gonzalez, Rep. Donna Shalala, Mayra Ramirez, Bud Conlin, Andrea Ruiz-Sorrentini, Victoria Mesa-Estrada, Paula Munoz, Karina Ganies, Rebecca Talbot, Bobby Bracy, Daniel Yim, Sean McCrackine.

"Green New Deal"

From the Sunrise Movement:[8]

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has released a proposal for a Select Committee on a Green New Deal, a plan that would transform our economy and society at the scale needed to stop the climate crisis.

We have the momentum to make a Green New Deal real, but we need a critical mass of Congresspeople to support the proposal.

Take action on Dec. 10 to show Congress the Green New Deal is a top priority.

Congressional supporters by December 20 2018 included Debbie Mucarsel-Powell.

HR 109 endorser

By February 20 2019 endorsers of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's HR 109 (Green New Deal) included Debbie Mucarsel-Powell.

Meeting comrades

Tomas Kennedy January 16, 2019.


‪We just had a great meeting with Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell who expressed her commitment to work to end the #shutdown without funding the wall and support #TPS legislation. It’s great to have a champion for immigrants in Congress. — with Debbie Mucarsel-Powell at United States Capitol.



Center for Democracy in the Americas November 1 at 2019.

"I applaud Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell's leadership on a necessary first step in the restoration of consular services at the U.S. Embassy in Havana and common-sense measures to reunite Cuban families. I also commend her for staking out an affirmative agenda to improve the lives of Cubans and Cuban Americans," says CDA's Emily Mendrala in response to the introduction of the #CubanFamilyReunificationAct.

FIU forum on Cuba, immigration

Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell June 27 2019·


This next week I will have a community meeting in fiu to talk about immigration, Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, TPS, daca and more. It's a time to hear from experts and develop more about these important topics. If you have questions, send them in advance to Hope to see you there!

FLIC participates


Florida Immigrant Coalition July 2 2019 ·

Thank you Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell for inviting us to participate in a panel on immigration at Florida International University.

Debbie Mucarsel-Powell with Tomas Kennedy.

21st Century Democrats

Debbie Mucarsel-Powell was endorsed by 21st Century Democrats in 2020.

"Be HEARD" Act

April 9 2019, U.S. Senator Patty Murray (D-WA), top Democrat on the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Committee, was joined by Congresswoman Katherine Clark (D-MA-5), Vice Chair of the House Democratic Caucus, and Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley (D-MA-7), to introduce the Bringing an End to Harassment by Enhancing Accountability and Rejecting Discrimination (Be HEARD) in the Workplace Act, legislation which takes critical steps to ensure businesses have more resources to prevent harassment and workers have more support when they seek accountability and justice, and sends a clear message to those who think they can get away with assault or harassment on the job: time is up.

Senator Murray announced the introduction at a news conference with survivors and advocates who shared their personal stories about workplace assault and harassment, including Adriana Cazorla, a Washington state domestic worker and advocate with National Domestic Workers Alliance, and Maria del Carmen Ruelas, farm worker with Justice for Migrant Women Advocates who also resides in Washington state. Additionally, leaders from the National Women's Law Center (NWLC), The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) participated and highlighted the urgent need to pass the legislation.

“No matter who you are or where you work—whether you are the only woman on the board, or a janitor, or farm worker, you should be treated fairly, respectfully, and with dignity. This should be true no matter your gender or race, your religion or sexual orientation or age—and regardless of whether you have a disability or are a veteran.” said Senator Murray. “For far too long and for far too many people in our country this hasn’t been true. So today, I’m proud to be standing up to fight for change and make clear that time is up.”

In addition to Senator Murray, the Senate bill is co-sponsored by U.S. Senators Kamala Harris (D-CA), Jeff Merkley (D-OR), Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), Bob Casey (D-PA), Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Tim Kaine (D-VA), Sherrod Brown (D-OH), Ed Markey (D-MA), Jacky Rosen (D-NV), Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), Ben Cardin (D-MD), Chris Van Hollen (D-MD), Cory Booker (D-NJ), Dick Durbin (D-IL), and Tammy Duckworth (D-IL). The House bill is being introduced by Congresswoman Katherine Clark (D-MA-5), Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley (D-MA-7), Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin (D-MI-8), and Congresswoman Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (D-FL-26).[9]


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