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David Roddy is a California activist.

Davis DSAers


Davis Democratic Socialists April 12, 2012 · L to R Brett Lemke, Maxx Bartko, David Roddy (Fearless Leader), Crystal, and Teresa Ruark at Occupy The Capitol. The Davis YDS endorsed the “March On March” actions March 1-5, and in conjunction with Occupy Davis, and Occupy UCD, helped put together the Funeral For Public Education, which kicked off a series of events that led to the occupation of the Sacramento, CA capitol on Lobby Day.

YDS contact

In 2013 David Roddy, was University of California, Davis Young Democratic Socialists contact person.[1]

2013 DSA leadership

National Political Committee

Davis Democratic Socialist


Davis Democratic Socialists November 21, 2013 ·

Comrades at the picket line! — with Brett Lemke, Maxx Bartko, Ian Lee and David Roddy.

DSA Leaders

Sacramento Valley Democratic Socialists of America held a general membership meeting Sept 22, 2014 and elected an executive committee.[3].

Bera connection

Some of the Amador County residents who participated in the We Are One rally in Sacramento on Monday the 4th, 2011 were David Roddy and Mike Israel , Nora Coryell and Mike Pulskamp, and Janet Kendig, along with several others.

Ami Bera recognized us and stopped by to chat about his new campaign to defeat Dan Lungren and the need for solidarity amongst workers around the country. [4]

Sacramento DSA

In 2016 David Roddy was a member of Sacramento Democratic Socialists of America. He signed the Give The People What They Want: DSA Members on 2016 and Beyond letter.[5]

Democratic Socialism 101

Democratic Socialism 101: Building a Political Revolution.

4799 Stockton Blvd, Sacramento, Saturday 27 February 2016, 11:00 Organized by : Democratic Socialists of America, Sacramento Fighting against privatization, austerity, and brutality in California's capital city. Those indicating attendance on Wherevent included Linda Ann, Chels Wright, Kevin Carter, Adam Peichoto, Ian Lee, David Roddy, Mike Israel.[6]

DSA Healthcare Rally


Phillip Kim with Shane Brinton and David Roddy, Jonah Paul, .Annabel Vera, Shirley Toy, Ellen Mack, April Ford, Mel Ody, David Hildebrand, Alyssa De La Rosa, Ian Lee, Andee Sunderland, Eric Sunderland, Sandra Delgadillo Kearns, Russell Rawlings.

April 11 2017· Sacramento, CA ·

Mark your calendar for Wed. April 26, 11am! Sacramento Rally & Senate Health Cmte Hearing-SB 562's 1st Vote! If you support single payer / healthcare for all, we need hundreds of people there to make sure that the Senate Health Committee votes in favor of SB.[7]

Green Socialist Caucus

Democratic Socialists of America, Green Socialist Caucus members, as of June 28 2017, included David Roddy.[8]

DSA Disability Caucus/Working Group

Members of the DSA Disability Caucus/Working Group, closed Facebook group. as of July 16, 2017 included David Roddy .[9]

Building the Bass! 🌹🎶 DSA Musicians

Members of Building the Bass! 🌹🎶 DSA Musicians Closed Facebook Group, as of October 15 2017 included David Roddy.[10]

DSA Dank PDF Stash

Members of Democratic Socialists of America Dank PDF Stash closed Facebook group as of August 18, 2017, included David Roddy.[11]

Flag Caucus

Members of the Democratic Socialists of America Flag Caucus closed Facebook group, accessed January 11, 2018, included David Roddy.[12]

18th Annual Cesar Chavez March and Rally

Phillip Kim March 31, 2018 ·


Healthcare, housing, union rights! Si se puede! — attending 18th Annual Cesar Chavez March and Rally with Robert Coplin, Jonah Paul, Sam Lieu, Ceolsige Brewer, David Roddy, Ian Lee, Alyssa Kang and Mel Ody at Southside Park Pool.



Jacobin Reading Group Sacramento closed Facebook group, accessed December 1, 2017.[13]


Other members

James Connolly Caucus

Democratic Socialists of America James Connolly Caucus closed Facebook group, accessed June 7, 2018;

Members included David Roddy.


Cori Ring-Martinez February 21 2019·

  1. anchorunion #AnchoredinSF #unionstrong!!! — with Monique Calhoun, Alyssa De La Rosa, David Roddy and Connie Ann.