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Template:TOCnestleft DataCenter is an Oakland, California based research center for "progressive" organizations. It is effectively the intelligence agency of the U.S. left.


DataCenter—an activist library and publication center—was founded in 1977 in affiliation with the North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA) by Jon Frappier, Fred Goff, Loretta Strharsky, Harry Strharsky and approximately 40 volunteers.[1].

  • In 1980 DataCenter published a series of press profiles, including The Reagan File, on Ronald Reagan and his policies on labor, El Salvador, foreign policy, and military policy in Asia.
  • In 1981 Datacenter's New Right Project tracked the rise of neo-conservatism. A Right-to-know Project was launched in response to censorship and "growing restrictions on access to information". Datacenter monitored and reported on plant closures and layoffs and published a press profile Toxic Nightmare for distribution to leading environmental organizations
  • 1983 saw the the expansion of DataCenter's Search Service to include corporate accountability research to support community, labor, and corporate campaigns and political asylum seekers. The Search Service went online in 1988.
  • In 1984 Datacenter started the Third World Resources quarterly newsletter and a specialized resource directories series.
  • 1987 saw the launch of of a Pro Bono Fund to subsidize services to low-budget "progressive" organizations.
  • In 1991 DataCenter initiated the Cuba Project/Conexiones to "respond to information needs of institutions in Cuba & facilitates information exchange between U.S. and Cuban colleagues-for the next ten years. The organization also published three volumes on the First Gulf War.
  • In 1994 DataCenter held the first workshop on Research Methods for Community Activists and sought to "partner" with Communities for a Better Environment to "provide research & training for grassroots toxics activists".
  • 1998 brought the Capacity Building Campaign to buy new offices and computers. An affirmative action policy was implemented to hire organizers from "communities of color".
  • In 1999 DataCenter introduced a community research training program and mounted a major research campaign for the anti-California Proposition 21 Campaign.
  • In 2003 DataCenter started "Strategic Planning prioritizing Deepening Partnerships with Social Justice groups, Diversifying Our Income & Implementing Anti-Oppression Organizational Culture: Staff is majority people of color for the first time in the organization’s history; Incorporate Participatory research methodology and Decolonizing Research analysis in program work; Diversify Board of Directors.
  • In 2006 launched a Shared Leadership model with the assistance of Patricia St Onge. "Support Services, Program & Capacity Building committees lead the organizational work & a representative from each committee serves on Coordinating Council; Mission, Vision & Values finalized".

DataCenter Board and staff

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Donors & Funders

Individual Donors

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