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Darrell Rankin is a labor researcher, writer, and anti-war activist living in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He is former chairperson and treasurer of the Canadian Peace Alliance.[1]

2015 candidates

In 2015 the Communist Party of Manitoba ran one candidate in the General Election: Darrel Rankin.[2]


The Communist Party of Canada's 33rd convention held in 2001 elected the following members to its leading body, the Central Executive Committee: Miguel Figueroa (general secretary), Elizabeth Rowley (leader of the Communist Party of Ontario), Dan Goldstick, Helen Kennedy, Andre Parizeau (leader of the Parti communiste du Quebec), Darrell Rankin (leader of the Communist Party of Canada - Manitoba), and Kimball Cariou (editor of People's Voice).

British Columbia Communist Party leader George Gidora was elected in place of Helen Kennedy at the party's 34th convention, held in early in 2004. All other incumbent members were re-elected to their positions. Parizeau was removed from office in 2005.