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Danya Zituni

Danya Zituni is a Tampa, Florida activist. Studied International Studies and Philosophy at University of South Florida. From Damascus, Syria.

Fight Back! supporter

Fight Back! / ¡Lucha y Resiste! is a Facebook group for readers and supporters of Fight Back! / ¡Lucha y Resiste! the newspaper of Freedom Road Socialist Organization/FightBack!

As of July 5 2020 members included Danya Zituni.


Danya Zituni is a member of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) at the University of South Florida (USF) (SJP USF) and a supporter of the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement.

Zituni is a student at USF, where she is studying philosophy and international relations. She is the sister of Homam Zituni, who graduated from USF in 2014.


On July 3, 2015 Danya Zituni participated in the burning of multiple American flags, which she called “…the largest symbol of White supremacist national oppression and imperialism.”



Danya Zituni is a leader of Students for a Democratic Society. She works with comrades such as Katherine Draken, Ronnie Riots, Regina Joseph, Jared Austin, Matt Schott, Sam Beutler and Jerry Evans.

Tampa activist

Freedom Road Socialist Organization/FightBack! hosted a discussion panel for International Women's Day, March 8, 2015 at the First United Church of Tampa.

Marisol Marquez and Alicia Gazga spoke on behalf of Raices en Tampa. They spoke of the Farah Strike in El Paso, Texas. Alicia Gazga said of the strike, “We chose this topic in celebration of International Women's Day; these were revolutionary women who stood up and said enough is enough. Their history led to better pay and they were able to unionize.”

Danya Zituni of The Committee to Stop FBI Repression-Tampa spoke of the fights of Arab and Muslim women for liberation, stating "Arab and Muslim women residing domestically and abroad bear the brunt of various forms of damage due to American imperialism. Palestinian women and native women everywhere have a righteous anger toward ending colonialism and imperialism, and this refutes the idea militancy is somehow masculine. As the primary targets we deserve to be on the front lines. There are many examples of strong resistance to capitalism, colonialism and imperialism by revolutionary Arab women such as Souha Bechara of the Lebanese Communist Party and Leila Khaled of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.” Zituni also spoke of the necessity to fight against the government's current attacks against Rasmea Odeh, who has been a tireless advocate for Arab and Muslim women.

Michela Martinazzi of Freedom Road Socialist Organization/FightBack! talked about the history of International Women's Day.[1]

Tampa Bay SDS

Tampa Bay Students for a Democratic Society December 3, 2015:


A few of the members of Tampa SDS, flyered and had a banner drop in support of #AffirmativeAction — with Ronnie Riots, Elizabeth A'ya, Gage Lacharite and Danya Zituni.



Danya Zituni is a member of Freedom Road Socialist Organization/FightBack!.


On March 10, 2015, members of Tampa Students for a Democratic Society disrupted an FBI recruiting event at the University of South Florida (USF). The FBI claimed the event was part of Women's History Month, their goal being to recruit young women as agents of repression. The FBI continues to threaten important women leaders such as Assata Shakur, who is living in exile in Cuba.

The FBI recruitment presentation came to a quick halt when students rose from their chairs and disrupted the FBI speaker. One student called out, with the other students echoing their words to drown out the FBI. This is known as a mic check, popularized during the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations. The students then chanted "FBI out of our mosques, FBI out of our schools!" and walked out.

Sam Beutler, ofStudents for a Democratic Society said, "The U.S. government is a threat to people around the world, and that includes us within its borders. We need to fight the FBI in the belly of the beast."

“The FBI is attempting to recruit students at USF by glorifying their repressive practices as ‘protecting America’s security.’ The manner in which they swept aside the FBI's historic repression against both women and students shows the lack of respect that they have for our student body. Students need to unite to fight these reactionary forces on every campus,” explained Danya Zituni, also with SDS.[2]

Disrupting pro-Israel event


A group of ten activists stood out in front of the University of South Florida (USF) Hillel building, April 12 2015, in protest of a vigil being held for Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). The vigil was in remembrance of IDF soldiers who were killed by Palestinian ‘terrorists,’ meaning the people who defend their land against U.S.-backed Israeli settlers.

"When Hillel says 'fighting terrorism,' we understand what that truly means,” said Michela Martinazzi of the Committee to Stop FBI Repression-Tampa.

Danya Zituni, a leader in both of the organizations present, spoke about how the event fell close to the anniversary Deir Yassin massacre, which helped lead to the occupation of Palestine.

“Only a few days ago on April 9 was the anniversary of the Deir Yassin Massacre, when three Zionist militias attacked the Palestinian village of Deir Yassin, murdering over 100 women, men and children. This was one of many dozens of massacres that led to the ethnic cleansing of over 1 million Palestinians through which the state of ‘Israel’ was created.”

"The enemy is not so scary if the best they can do is call us names and park vans in front of us,” said Gage Lacharite of Tampa Bay Students for a Democratic Society.[3]

Fundraiser 4 Rasmea


Danya Zituni September 13, 2015;

At Dabke & Dessert - Fundraiser 4 Rasmea, where we raised monies for & learned about a real fighter for the people, #RasmeaOdeh!

Photo credit: Michela <3 — with Homam Zituni, Jared Austin, Gage Lacharite, Jerrica Hoey, Sam Beutler, Adriana Beatríz, Elizabeth A'ya, Taina Pantoja, Chrisley Carpio, Jessica Schwartz, Fabrizio Godomar, Ionie Lopez and Ashley Evans.



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Cleveland, OH – Organizers from the Coalition to Stop Trump and March on the RNC hit the streets of downtown Cleveland, July, 15, 2016 taking out the word about the national protest set for the opening day of the Republican National Convention.

Unfurling a large anti-Trump banner in Mall A, located on Saint Clair Avenue and Mall Drive, activists leafleted passersbys and gave many interviews to the media that is covering the upcoming convention.

Mick Kelly, of the Coalition to Stop Trump and March on the RNC states, “We let the people of Cleveland know that Mall A is the place and 12:00 noon is the time to rally against the bigot Trump and the Republican agenda.”

Danya Zituni of National Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), who is in Cleveland to build for the protest said, “SDS has hosted ‘Dump Trump’ protests on campuses across the country. Trump has been a major rallying point for white supremacists, and we believe everyone should join this protest against him.”[4]



FRSO school


On September 10th, thirty-five students and community members gathered from Florida and North Carolina to participate in a day school hosted by members of the Student Commission of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization/FightBack!). The event consisted of presentations on revolutionary theory and how students apply it to their activism.

Fern Figueroa of the FRSO opened the event saying, “Students can play a special role in uniting and organizing sectors of people by learning revolutionary theory, engaging in their own struggle on campus, and ultimately by joining history's greatest revolutionary class - the working class.”

Tampa Bay FRSO member Danya Zituni explained, “The role of the university under this capitalist system is to indoctrinate students with the ideas of the ruling class. By mobilizing students to fight, we can learn about the nature of the system we are up against and what methods are effective against it.”

Taina Pantoja, of Tampa Bay SDS said, “It’s important to understand that Marxist-Leninist theory provides us with a guide for making actual material change.”

The event ended with a speech by Tallahassee FRSO member Zachary Schultz who said, “The Day School represents a real development in the revolutionary movement among students. Students are wanting and ready to take up Marxism-Leninism, the theory of revolution. Students are learning and organizing to build the movements of oppressed nationalities and workers to overthrow the capitalists.”[5]

Organizing against Trump


Join Tampa Anti-War Committee on Friday, Jan 20th at 6pm as we protest the Inauguration of Donald Trump. We will be out protesting Trump's racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, anti-refugee, anti-worker, and pro-war movement. We demand that he stop attacks on immigrants and refugees, and end US wars abroad.

Following the protest, we will be having Organizing Against Trump: General Body Meeting on Jan 25th to discuss how we can move forward organizing under a Trump presidency. — with Anita Stewart, Jack Ling, Sara Cutlip, Leonie Barkakati, Eric Jones, Dani Vinson, Noah Peretz, Bill Aiman, Gague Lacharite, Matt Schott, Henry HN, Elizabeth A'ya, Taina Pantoja, Sam Alex, Anthony Thomas, Sami Salhab, Sam Beutler, Danya Zn, Thomas Albert, Chrisley Carpio, Dylan Thomas, Jared Hoey, Tori Stratis and Regina Joseph.

DSA member

Tampa Democratic Socialists of America June 23, 2018 ·

Our Healthcare WG had another successful day canvassing for Medicare for All!


Reminder: If you want to get plugged into the work our chapter is doing, our June Working Groups Meeting is at 6:30pm on June 27th at the West Tampa Branch Library. Hope to see any and all who are interested there!

Danya Zituni, back left.

Palestine visit

Members of the U.S Palestinian Community Network from Chicago (USPCN) reported, August 24 2018, on their summer delegation to Palestine. Bassem Kawar stated at the beginning of the event that their purpose was “to take our leading members and organizers to get a firsthand understanding of the occupation and the resistance on the ground.” They met with over 20 Palestinian organizations in the different “Fronts of Struggle,” which was the title of their talk.


Muhammad Sankari opened by talking about the 6000 Palestinian political prisoners, and the occupation’s use of administrative detention. These prisoners are held under what is called “secret evidence” by a military court. “This policy is used to break the back of the Palestinian liberation movement,” explained Sankari.

Adameer is the organization that defends Palestinian prisoners, including the case of Ahed Tamimi, the 16-year-old imprisoned after a video was released showing her slapping the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) soldier who had shot her cousin in the head with a rubber coated, metal bullet, causing severe damage to the boy’s skull.

Danya Zituni spoke about Jerusalem, “where we witnessed some of the most ugly faces of settler colonialism.” She said, “The apartheid wall is being used inside Jerusalem so that there are less Palestinians inside, and more and more Jewish only settlements,” and “The construction of the Jewish only settlements in Jerusalem in particular, and Palestine as a whole, is very strategic. They’re built on the edge of a village in order to encircle and isolate them, or they’re built in the middle of the village in order to fragment them. This policy makes a contiguous Palestinian state impossible.”

Bassem Kawar described a recent incident there. “We learned in our first day in Palestine that a family was welded shut into their home, and they had to dig under the wall of their home to get out. It was then turned into a military check point.”

Finally, Sankari spoke about the struggles inside 1948 Palestine, the area identified as Israel, where the Palestinian people have never given up on their struggle for a free Palestine, “From the river, to the sea.”Chicago delegation sees Palestinian resistance first handBy Joe Iosbaker | August 27, 2018]</ref>

“The right of return for all the Palestinians is a non-negotiable demand,” Sankari declared. He closed by listing the three principles that USPCN is guided by: “Self determination and national liberation for the Palestinian people; the end of Israeli colonization of all Palestinian and Arab land; and the right of return of all Palestinian refugees and their descendants to their original homes and lands.”[6]

IWD 2019


Aurelius Raines, Frank Chapman, Ed Cubelo, Anne Kirkner, Danya Zituni.