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Danielle Newsome is a Pennsylvania activist.

Working for Krasner

October 2019, underscoring the city’s increased focus on supporting workers, the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office has launched a unit to investigate and prosecute scofflaw employers.

The new office is part of a nascent trend among progressive state and local prosecutors who are putting a priority on crimes committed against workers. County prosecutors in Minnesota, Colorado, and California are going after employers who are fudging time sheets in order to save money on wages and who put workers in danger on the job.

In Philadelphia, District Attorney Larry Krasner, who pledged to change the prosecutor’s office, has hired labor attorney Danielle Newsome to run the unit. Newsome, 33, is a familiar face in the local labor movement: Previously a staff attorney at health-care union Health Professionals and Allied Employees, she recently stepped down from the board of Jobs with Justice, a workers’ rights organization, and from running the local Coalition of Labor Union Women.[1]

Officers Philadelphia Jobs with Justice

As of 2013;[2]

  • Recording Secretary: Danielle Newsome, student