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Dan Burgevin

2009 Cuba trip

A July , 2009. Pastors for Peace delegation to Cuba included, Rev. Lucius Walker, Ellen Bernstein, Rev. Tom Smith and Dan Burgevin of Ithaca, New York[1]

I am back from my third trip with pastors for peace to our neighbor Cuba. Every time I have gone, the place and people there get a little deeper into my consciousness. We visit new facilities or see a different service that the revolution has provided for the people and I’m further convinced about how much we have to learn from Cuba about living together peacefully. Too, I’m further convinced about how fearful our government must be about having a different system of living together as a fair and equitable society right under our noses being revealed to ordinary US citizens. Why else would we be trying (since 1959) to be undermining, trying to assassinate, poison and bomb Cuba’s citizens and leadership? Why else would we be trying to undermine its economy and deny its people medicine and food for its children? Why else would 11 different US administrations punish Cuba just for having the right of self determination? I’ll tell you why —fear.


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