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Dale Frew

Dale Frew is a New Zealand activist. In his Waikato University days, he was the partner of Bethea Weir.


Frew first went to varsity in 1984. From 1993/2001 he attended Waikato University.

New Zealand Cuba Friendship Society

Cuba Solidarity - New Zealand Cuba Friendship Society public Facebook group. February 16 2020.

Members included Dale Frew.

Timber Workers Union

In 1990 Frew was registered in a People's Voice survey "no set opinion" on the compact. Timber Workers Union Waikato Secretary. [1]

On 2.4.90 Frew was Signatory to a PV appeal for "united front" to defeat the "Compact", Timber Workers Union, South Auckland Secretary, Hamilton.

NDU comrades

NZ Trade Union Moments and Memories March 5, 2015 ·

Photo of Northern Distribution Workers Union officials circa mid 1980s.


Back row left: Dale Frew Hamilton, Jack Cunningham Hamilton, Colleen Ryan Gisborne, Mike Jackson Auckland, Lance Wardlaw Hamilton, Rose Sievers-Brietler Rotorua, Owen Harvey Auckland, Neil O'Neill Tauranga, Bob Taylor Gisborne, Matt Wiringi,?? Dick Davis Tauranga, Graeme Whimp Auckland, James Ritchie Hamilton, Alan Ware Hamilton.


In July 1993, Frew was contact for the Waikato University Progressives Club.[2]

AYN/People's Assembly

  • 1993 On list of contacts in AYN No 4 for nationwide anti National publicity campaign (Hamilton)
  • 1994 Helped write book on Peoples Assembly and BOOF Project.


1994 Students of Waikato Education Team activist Waikato. [6]

He was a contact with Alayna Ashby for an activists weekend hosted by SWET, for students from other campuses. [7]

Next Step Democracy Movement

1995 - Next Step Democracy Movement contact for Hamilton.[8]

Waikato Environment Bunch

1995 - contact for Waikato Environment Bunch, member group of Students Environmental Action Network. [9]

Waikato Students Union

  • 1995 - Waikato Students Union Campaigns coordinator.

CPA connection

The 2005, 10th Congress of the Communist Party of Australia was pleased to have as a guest Comrade Dale Frew from the Socialist Party of Aotearoa. Based in Christchurch, Dale was a Union Official between 1982 and 1992 of first the Butchers and Grocers Union and then Timber Workers Union.[10]

US Embassy letter/Cuban 5

On 6 April 2009 US Embassy in Wellington refused to accept a hand delivered letter from MPs, City Councillors, trade unionists, church leaders,academics and other New Zealanders calling on the US Government not to oppose the petition to the US Supreme Court for the release of the Cuban 5.

An attempt to deliver the letter was made by Wellington City Councillor, Ray Ahipene-Mercer and Secretary of the Weliington Cuba Friendship Society Gillian Magee but US Embassy Guards said they would not accept a hand delivered letter.[11]

Dear Attorney General Holder
We, the undersigned New Zealanders are writing this letter to you on the eve of the US Government submitting a brief in response to the 30 January 09 petition to the Supreme Court and the twelve separate amicus curiae briefs that were filed in the US Supreme Court on 6 March 2009 regarding the unjust incarceration of five Cuban citizens - Gerardo Hernández Nordelo, René González Sehweret, Ramón Labañino Salazar, Antonio Guerrero Rodríguez and Fernando González Llort - known as the Cuban 5.
We urge the United States Government to acknowledge that a complete miscarriage of justice has taken place regarding the Cuban 5 and to support, rather than oppose, a review of the conviction by the Supreme Court. We urge you to immediately release the Cuban 5.

Signatories included Dale Frew, Workers Institute for Scientific Socialist Education.

AYN regional contacts

AYN number 24, 1995