DSA Women's Caucus

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Template:TOCnestleft DSA Women's Caucus is part of Democratic Socialists of America.

Closed Facebook group


DSA Women's Caucus closed Facebook group, as of August 25, 2017;

This group is for self-identified Women of the Democratic Socialists of America. The Women's caucus is designed to facilitate discussion and activism. We have several different caucuses to reflect the diversity of the organization. If you self-identify as a member of any of these caucuses, you can participate. Caucuses are safe spaces and anything discussed in them remains anonymous. Caucus membership is also anonymous; you are allowed to identify yourself as a member publicly outside this group, but it is not required (though it is required that you be a dues-paying member of DSA to be approved to join this closed group on Facebook). DSA also has a Socialist Feminist Team which carries out specific projects at the national level to inject a more feminist analysis in DSA and organize more DSA feminist work.[1]