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DSA Social Democratic Caucus (formerly DSA Sewer Socialist Caucus) is affiliated to Democratic Socialists of America.

DSA Sewer Socialist Caucus Closed FB group

DSA Sewer Socialist Caucus, closed Facebook group, as of August 22, 2017;

Sewer socialism, sometimes called constructive socialism or social democracy, is the idea that socialist politics and reform go hand in hand. Milwaukee is our greatest example of this in action, where they were able to elect 3 mayors, would run full slates of candidates for alderman, and even elected a congressman. They also would be dismissed as reformists by the various impossibilists and so called revolutionaries out there. But they left a legacy of socialism that outlasted many other socialist groups during the red scare. We believe that DSA should focus on efforts like single payer healthcare, which DSA could be a major pusher of this policy. We could run candidates who believe they could push such reforms. [1]


Other Members

More names had been added by September 15.[2]

More names were added by March 2, 2018