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DSA NOVA is a Northern Virginia branch of Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America.

Flipping Don Beyer


Local DSA Group Convinces Rep. Beyer to Support Medicare for All Bill, Metro D.C. DSA, Northern Virginia branch.

DSA NOVA press relese September 20, 2017. Media Contact: James Mathias

McLean, VA-Members of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) from Virginia’s 8th Congressional District advocated for single-payer health care at a town hall on September 17 hosted by U.S. Rep. Don Beyer (D). Congressman Beyer had yet to co-sponsor H.R. 676, the Improved and Expanded Medicare for All Act.
To encourage him to sign on, Beyer’s DSA constituents shared personal stories of how the current health-care system has failed them and their families. The local action is part of the DSA’s Medicare for All campaign.
“While we were disappointed that a member of the House Progressive Caucus had not already signed on to the bill,” noted Elizabeth Stafford, a member of DSA’s Northern Virginia Branch Organizing Committee, “this town hall gave us a chance to make ourselves visible in the community, have our voices heard, and gave Congressman Beyer a chance to show that he is as progressive as he claims.”
At the town hall, Congressman Beyer hedged at first. He noted that he and his staff “are committed to fixing the Affordable Care Act.” He also said that HR 676 has a few problems. “We’re waiting until Bernie’s Medicare for all bill reaches the house, and we’ll take the best of HR 676 and Bernie’s bill,” he said. In the end, however, he agreed to support HR 676. “I’ll sign off on HR 676 in the morning,” he said.
The DSA members were elated. James McCormack, another member of the organizing committee, recalled the first meeting of the DSA’s Northern Virginia branch just four months ago.“We started out with 15 people in a playground and now look at us,” he said. “After the 2016 election, I realized that we couldn’t depend on just showing up and voting. I realized that if things were going to change we’d have to do it ourselves, all of us, together. Together, we are powerful.”
Rep. John Conyers (D-MI-13), the bill’s sponsor, has introduced Medicare for All legislation in every congressional session since 2003, but it has never been more popular than now. At present the bill has 119 co-sponsors, including an overwhelming majority of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, of which Beyer is a member. Previously, the bill’s highest level of support was 93 co-sponsors under the 110th Congress, when Democrats took control of the House during the final years of the George W. Bush administration.

At DSA’s 2017 convention, held last month in Chicago, delegates voted to make Medicare for All a national priority. DSA enthusiasm has exploded recently with membership more than quadrupling in the last year. The DC Metro chapter of DSA has almost 1,000 dues-paying members with many residing in Virginia’s 8th district.

NOVA DSA Organizing Meeting


NOVA DSA Organizing Meeting Public · Hosted by DSA NOVA and Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America

Wednesday, August 9 at 7 PM - 8 PM

Richard Byrd Library.

Welcome to our twice-monthly NOVA DSA organizing and planning meeting. Our current major campaign is for Medicare for All in conjunction with the Metro-DC DSA Health Care group. We will be welcoming new members, discussing the results of our Aug. 8 healthcare mobilization planning meeting and related action items, planning our Aug. 12 anti-fascist solidarity action, and hearing reports from our communities, allied organizations, and DSA-DC.[1]