Cynthia Adair Grier Handlen

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Cynthia Adair Grier Handlen

Early comrades

Harlan Baker November 22, 2016:

Our Democratic Socialists of America organizing meeting at Portland City Hall. There were 100 people in attendance. — with Burt Wartell, Marjorie Phyfe, Sarah Rawlings, Jeremy Mele, Tim Goodwin, Nate LeClair, Chris Cavanaugh, Cynthia Adair Grier Handlen, Chris Hafford, Barney McClelland, Diane Russell, Seth Berner and Bob Murray.


Maine DSA Carpool Closed Facebook Group


As of May 11, 2017;[1]

Maine Democratic Socialists of America Public Facebook Group

Members of Maine Democratic Socialists of America Public Facebook Group, as of May 12, 2017, included Cynthia Adair Grier Handlen.[2]

“It Can’t Happen Here”

Harlan Baker January 20, 2018:


Cast of the Maine DSA staged reading of “ It Can’t Happen Here”. - January 20 th — with Kenneth Lynx, Meg Anne, Carl E. Pease, Cynthia Adair Grier Handlen, Mikayla Damon, Herb Adams, Seth Berner, Kelley McDaniel, Barney McClelland and Vinny O'Malley at Maine Irish Heritage Center.

DSA comrades

Harlan Baker December 19, 2016


Over 80 people turned out for our December DSA meeting. Nominations were taken for chair, vice chair, secretary, treasurer, and executive committee. Sub committees were created and will be bringing back recommendations for political action and other programs at following meetings. — with Seth Berner, Jeremy Mele, Burt Wartell, Joey Brunelle and Cynthia Adair Grier Handlen.

Harlan Baker January 15, 2018


With Jaigene Kang, Marjorie Phyfe, Cynthia Adair Grier Handlen, Chris Trevet, Mike Sylvester and Seth Berner.