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Craig Salins

Craig Salins was a Seattle activist. He was Executive Director of Washington Public Campaigns.


A native of Seattle, WA, Mr. Salins has an extensive background in program planning, grant writing, community organizing and public policy work. A former VISTA Volunteer and Head Start director, he has directed advocacy organizations on consumer issues, economic cooperatives, and health care reform.

Salins has been a workshop presenter and occasional consultant on grant funding and legislation at national and state conferences for the Day Care & Child Development Council of America, the Consumer Federation of America, and the Universal Health Care Action Network. He has served on the boards of Seattle's Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority, the Puget Consumers Co-op, the Central Area Motivation Program, and for four years during the 1970's, the New Jersey Governor's Advisory Committee on Social Services.

He is a proud member of Carpenters Local 816, and for many years has worked part-time as a remodeling contractor and carpenter - allowing time to organize for issues he cares about, including Clean Elections![1]


For several terms, Salins chaired the Issues Committee for the Washington 36th District Democrats and led lobbying efforts in Olympia on behalf of the King County Democrats Legislative Action Committee. In 1993, he co-founded the Washington Single Payer Action Network and led the organization as volunteer president/director for four years, during which time a statewide conference was held (1996) drawing national leaders and 350 participants. [2]

California DSA “Key” list

In 1993 Craig Salins of Seattle, Washington was on a list of “Key’ California Democratic Socialists of America contacts.[3]

Washington "Single payer" conference

350 health care activists attended a conference at Seattle university Jun22 1996, organized by the Washington Single Payer Action Network. Craig Salins, the organization's president hoped the conference could become a launching pad for a "greatly broadened crusade to win affordable, quality health care for all Washingtonians."

Rep. Jim McDermott addressed the conference. McDermott (prime sponsor of HR-1200, the single payer bill in Congress) predicted a social upsurge in which the people will demand "get the profiteers out of health care. Period!"

Quentin Young of Physicians for a National Health Program criticized the centralization of fewer and fewer health care providers.

Diane Sosne, a RN and president of District 1199 NW described the impact of market economics on health care workers.[4]

Democratic Socialists of America

In 1997, Craig Salins was the Seattle contact for Democratic Socialists of America.[5]

Washington Public Campaigns banquet

Senator Maria Cantwell gave the keynote address for Washington Public Campaigns Fourth Annual Awards Banquet June 19, 2010, in the Brockey Center at South Seattle Community College. The Washington Democrat had been selected by The Nation magazine as "Most Valuable Senator" in 2009 for 'her effort challenging fellow members of Congress to get serious about financial services reform. As this year's guest speaker Cantwell lend her voice to the call for fair elections nationally".

The awards banquet generated financial support for Washington Public Campaigns to support their efforts to achIeve voter-owned elections (public funding of election campaigns) in Washington State. Writing about the Awards Banquet, WPC Director Craig Salins, a one time Democratic Socialists of America leader stated:

At the 4th Annual Awards Banquet June 19th - with guest speaker Senator Maria Cantwell - Washington Public Campaigns will celebrate our progress in the past year, and recognize individuals and groups who have contributed mightily to our work...[6]

Seattle Anti-Corporate Personhood /Occupy Rally

Craig Salins, Jim McDermott

On Saturday Jan 21st, 2012, a Coalition of Occupy Seattle, Peace and Justice activists, campaign finance reform advocates, Move to Amend (overturn Citizens United) and "Get Money Out of Politics" street performers assembled at Westlake Center to protest on the 2nd anniversary of the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision.

Craig Salins introduced Rep. Jim McDermott to the audience.[7]


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