Craig C. Dorais

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Craig C. Dorais is a Maine activist.

Maine DSA Carpool Closed FB Group


As of May 11, 2017;[1]

Maine Democratic Socialists of America Public Facebook Group

Members of Maine Democratic Socialists of America Public Facebook Group, as of May 12, 2017, included Craig C. Dorais.[2]

DSA Comrades

Maine Democratic Socialists of America April 2, 2017;

With Chris Teret, Virginia Hughes, Jeremy Mele, Craig C. Dorais and Barney McClelland.

Council run


In 2018 Craig C. Dorais ran for Portland Maine City Council.

"Say no to racism"

Harlan Baker June 1, 2018:


Tonight’s Say NO to Racism stand. Monument Square is fast becoming Portland’s answer to London’s Hyde Park. In addition to us there was a demonstration against the killings in Gaza,a lone demonstrator asking us to believe in God, petitioners for Planned Parenthood, and leafleting for the League of Women Voter’s guide for the June elections. — with Craig C. Dorais, Tim Goodwin, Barney McClelland, Bob Maheu, Eileen Manglass, Shaaron Hendry, Seth Berner and Barbara White.