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Courtney Alexa Szigetvari is a member of Austin Democratic Socialists of America.[1] In a relationship with Jordan Alvarez.

DSA comrades

Glenn Scott September 27, 2017:

With Derrick Crowe and fellow DSA members Mickey Fetonte, Brett Cotham & Susan Cotham, Courtney Szigetvari, Linda Kniolek & Glenn Scott, fighting Trumpcare ONE MORE time and we beat 'em for now!


Let's starting talking healthcare for ALL!! Thank you Bernie for introducing Medicare for All . Let's get to work educating people - we don't have to have a healthcare crisis! — with Susan Cotham, Courtney Alexa, Linda Kniolek and Derrick Crowe.

LUTU supporters

Glenn Scott September 14, 2017:


Left Up To US LUTU fest with Derrick Crowe ! Come out to Spiderhouse tonite ! John Knowles , Courtney Szigetvari, Bridget Tobin, Joao Paulo Connolly, Derrick Crowe and Adrian Ricelli.

Austin DSA comrades

Glenn Scott August 11, 2017 ·


DSA members beat the heat in Atx at july 29 Our Lives On the Line rally and march to stop Trumpcare ! Front row, Danny Saenz & David Wittie,(back row) David Pinkham , Ryan Rosshirt , Robin Hofpauer, Chau Lan Ngo, Monica Olvera , Cynthia Mancha, James Cole, Courtney Szigetvari, Roy Woody, Glenn Scott, Linda Kniolek & Akhil Mulgonaert.