Perspectives for Democracy and Socialism in the 90s

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Front of conference brochure

The Conference on Perspectives for Democracy and Socialism in the 90s was the Committees of Correspondence's national conference held in Berkeley, California July 17-19, 1992.

Plenary Speakers

The following spoke at plenaries at the conference:[1]

International Solidarity Evening


The following is a list of the workshops that were held at the conference on Saturday, July 18:[1]


What are the implications for labor and the left of the scientific and technological revolution and globalization of capital and labor?

Class Consciousness

How can the left help develop a revitalized, democratic, class-conscious labor movement?


What should be the left's role in organizing the unorganized? Can labor's current decline be arrested?

Standing Together - Labor

Standing together and showing support. How to respond to racism, sexism and anti-immigrant prejudice and other divisions within the labor movement? How to build labor solidarity and links with nationally oppressed communities?

Standing Together - Community

Standing together and showing support. How to respond to racism, sexism and anti-immigrant prejudice and other divisions among our communities? How to build solidarity and links among nationally oppressed an other communities?

Strategy 1

What is an effective strategy? Responding to monopoly capital in the era of the permanent replacements (strikes, in-shop actions, community alliances, internation solidarity)

African American

What lies behind and beyond LA? What strategy for African-American liberation? What is its place in the general struggle for democracy and social advance?


A powerful and growing political force: The Latino/Caribbean people's struggle for equality and justice. What are the new perspectives in the Chicano/Mexicano, Puerto Rican and Caribbean communities?

Asian Pacific

What are the dynamics of the role of the Asian-Pacific community within the working class and the nation? What is the relationship between the anti-discrimination struggle of the Asian/Pacific peoples and the general movement for social emancipation and democracy?


The women's movement: a critical factor in the economic, political and social life of the U.S. today. What should be the theoretical and practical response of the left?

Multiracial Left

How can we build a multi-racial, multi-national left movement? A critical question for the survival and effectiveness of the left.


Five hundred years of resistance. The quincentennial: racist distortions and myths

Strategy 2

Where to from here? What next in the struggle for democracy in the United States?


What should be the place of electoral activity on the left's agenda? What would be an effective strategy for this year, the 90s and beyond?

New World Order

Confronting the "New World Order". The multinational corporation, inter-imperialist rivalry, anti-imperialism and the struggle for peace, disarmament and non-intervention.


The left, ecology and the environmental movement. What are elements of an effective strategy? Labor & community concerns, confronting environmental racism and forging unity in struggle

Socialist U.S.

Toward a Socialist United States? Reshaping the vision and charting a path. Is it possible? On what basis?

Gay/Lesbian Movement

Building the left in the gay/lesbian movement and strengthening alliances in all the people's movements

Left Unity

Getting it together: How should broad left unity be built? Speaking freely of differences and defining the basis for united action


The challenge to our health. What next in the struggle for national health care? The fight against aids and infant mortality and for a rational system of preventative medicine for all

Youth Movement

The role of the new youth movement on the left. The voices and instruments for struggle of young people devestated by the current crisis.

Youth Exchange

An exchange of experiences among progressive youth activists. Helping to define the issues, methods and aims of the new movement among young people

Economic Crisis

Homelessness, joblessness, poverty & the enduring economic crisis. What should be the role of the left in shaping strategy and building an effective fightback.

Socialist Crisis

What is the meaning of the crisis of socialism in the World today? Recent events in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe and their implications for the left in the West. Looking at China, Vietnam and Korea. The threat to Cuba: How to respond?

Battle of Ideas 1

Culture and the Battle of Ideas. How are the arts and entertainment being used by the ruling class to propagate racism, violence, sexism and hopelessness? What is the role of artists and the arts in advancing a progressive agenda?

Battle of Ideas 2

Strategies for influencing and creating inroads in the news and information media.

People's Art

How to combat defunding, denial of access and cooptation?

Social Crisis

The growing social crisis - Urban and rural. How should the left view the problem of crime, delinquency and drugs? Is there a way to halt the destruction of communities?


The crisis of public education. What is needed to create a school system which is free, universally accessible, multi-cultural, integrated and which truly prepares young people for adult life?

Peace and Solidarity

Taking apart the military behemoth. How can we win disarmament agreements, end military interventions, and convert our militarized economy to a peacetime orientation?


Religion and the churches as a force for radical social change

Left Organization

The culture and organization of grassroots empowerment


Telecommunications in the '90s: A tool for left organizations. A demonstration/discussion of telecommunication tools and resources available to the left.


Seniors and the struggle for radical social reform. What role for the left in their movement for health care, economic security and racial equality?

Spiritual Values

Progressive politics, social values, spiritual traditions

International Greetings

The following representatives from international organizations were sent to the conference:[1]

Other Notes

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