Communist Party of Oregon

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The Communist Party of Oregon is affiliated with the Communist Party USA.

Sam Webb visit

June 2012, National Communist Party USA Chairman, Sam Webb visited Portland, Oregon, where he met comrades from Eugene's John S. Reed Club, and Portland's Susan Wheeler Club.[1]



G. L. Morrison with John Bachtell and Kyle King.

May Day Cinco de Mayo Greetings


From the People's Weekly World May Day Supplement, May 1 1993, "Cinco de Mayo and May Day greetings to Comrade Chris Hani. South Africa will be free!"


1994 May Day greetings from the "Oregon district CPUSA and readers of the PWW", were published in the People's weekly World May Day supplement page D.

The tribute honored Martina Gang Curl (1906-1994).

Signatories were;


The following May Day greeting was included in the Special May Day 1966 Supplement of the Peoples Weekly World.[2]

"May Day and Cinco de Mayo Greetings: Defeat the Oregon Anti-immigration Initiatives (51-54); Support the Oregon Minimum Wage Initiative (65)" - Oregon District CPUSA

The following put their names to the greeting:

  • "People and Nature Before Profits! Support Communist Local Politics" - Frank Soifer for May Committee, 796 Lawrence Street #1, Eugene, Oregon.


2000 May Day greetings in mempory of Frank Soifer were published in the People's Weekly World May Day supplement.[3]

Signatories were:


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