Communist Party of Minnesota and the Dakotas

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The Communist Party of Minnesota and the Dakotas is affiliated with the Communist Party USA.

May Day Cinco de Mayo Greetings


The following May Day greeting was included in the Special May Day 1996 Supplement of the People's Weekly World.[1]

"Are you tired of ... The Contract on America. Worrying about health care. The destruction of our environment. Longer hours, less pay, and fewer jobs at livable wages. Racism that divides us. Vicious attacks on the poor, seniors and children. We are committed to a socialist future that insures: Quality, affordable health care for all. Protection for our environment. Full employment at livable wages. Free public education. An end to all forms of discrimination."

The following put their names to the greeting:

The odd-looking spelling of some of these names, and those from Wisconsin and other north-central states reflects the heavy Scandinavian influx of immigrants in the 19t Century, many of whom worked in the Iron-ore mines

"We salute the labor movement"

In September 2006 the Peoples Weekly World listed several members or affiliates of the Minnesota Communist Party USA.[2]

Bill Comiskey, Carol Sorflaten, David Bednarczuk, Dean Gunderson, Doris Marquit, Erwin Marquit, Gerald Erickson, Gina Socha, Harry McAllister, Jane Thomson, Janet Quaife, Michael Wood, Mick Gardiner, Morgan Soderburg, Mostafa Chat, Peter Molenaar, Robert Lippert, Salam Bushra.