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Template:TOCnestleft The Communist Party of Michigan is affiliated with the Communist Party USA.

May Day Cinco de Mayo Greetings


The following put their names to the below greeting:[1]

"We honor the memory of those who have walked before us and struggled to build the union and the working class movement. We remember first the martyrs of the 1932 Ford Hunger March - Joe York, Coleman Leny. Joe DeBlasio, Curtis Williams, and Joseph Bussell. And we also remember other valiant fighters for workers' rights including:
Joe Billups, Richard Fuffini, Trecel Obriot, Nelson Davis, Ed Lock, John Gallo, Chuck Dewey, Wallie Christie, Frank Sykes, Irene Marinovich, Tony Marinovich, Mickey Moxham, Barry Blassingame, Howard Foster, Tom Kelly, Bob Travis, Mary Gosman, Mack Cinzori, and Dorothy Knight."

"Mack Cinzori and Dorothy Knight, two outstanding members of the labor movement, now deceased, should have been honored in the original printing of this ad."


The following May Day greeting was included in the Special May Day 1996 Supplement of the People's Weekly World.[2]

This May Day greeting is of some historical value as it lists some of the Communist Party members and supporters who helped to found the CPUSA-controlled Local 600 of the United Auto Workers union.

"Fifty-five years ago this June, 80,000 workers at the giant Ford Rouge complex first struck and then won a union election to bring in the UAW to Ford Motor Company. This historic victory of the working class was the culmination of two decades of struggle and was made possible by the effort and sacrifices of thousands of men and women whose vision and dedication to the cause of industrial unionism and social justice was truly heroic.
Some like the five Ford Hunger Marchers, Joe York, Coleman Leny, Joe DeBlasio, Curtis Williams and Joe Bussell gave their lives to help build the union.
Workers such as: Bill McKie, Nelson Davis, Ed Locke, John Gallo, Chris Alston and Stanley Nowak and many, many others lent their talent, energy and tireless effort to organize UAW Local 600. Their example inspires a new generation of trade unionists ready to pick up the ganner and continue the fight for jobs, equality and social justice. We will carry on!"
- In Solidarity; Members, Retirees and Friends of UAW Local 600

Some of the above were CPUSA members/leaders of the striking force and Locals 600 and 900 became their main strongholds well into the 1980's. Rep. John Conyers, Jr. and his father, a top UAW official, were members of one of these locals.Template:Cite

In Memory of Stanley Nowak

In the Special May Day supplement, Section F in 1994 the Peoples Weekly World published a memorial to late Stanley Nowak.

Signatories to the memorial were;

Memorial to Coleman Young

On December 20 1997 the Peoples Weekly World published on page 18, a memorial to late Detroit mayor Coleman Young.

Signatories to the memorial were;

Congratulations to Helen Winter

In 1998, Michigan activists published a tribute to Communist Party USA member Helen Winter in the People's Weekly World, February 14, page 18.

Signatories were;

Memorial to Eve Neidelman

On September 4 1999 the Peoples Weekly World published in the Labor Day Supplement, Section F, a memorial to the late Eve Neidelman. Signatories were;

In Memory of Lee Cain

The following notice appeared in the Feb. 28-March 5,2004 edition of the People's Weekly World;

"In memory of Lee Cain, 1917-2004 A relentless fighter for the working class, inspired by a vision for a better, socialist, world, Lee's life was dedicated to the battle for racial justice, peace, and the unity of our class. As a union organizer and civil rights activist, he charted the way for others, instilling confidence through struggle. An auto worker, he was a leader in battles against plant closing, racial discrimination, and for workers rights.

Your Michigan comrades, brothers and sisters, and friends will miss you dearly.



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