Communist Party of Canada

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Communist Party of Canada

The Communist Party of Canada is the descendant of Canada's pro-Soviet party.


London, Ontario commemoration

Mond Jones, a youth leader of the Detroit branch of Workers World Party, addressed a meeting commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution, held in London, Ontario, Canada, on Nov. 4 2017. The meeting was organized by the London chapter of the Young Communist League of Canada.[1]

Jones emphasized WWP’s solidarity with all those fighting U.S. imperialism, from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to Venezuela, Cuba, Syria and Iran, and called for an end to the colonial status of Puerto Rico and for canceling the debt. Other speakers included Adrien Welsh, general secretary of the Young Communist League of Canada, based in Montreal, Quebec; and Dave McKee, Ontario provincial leader of the Communist Party of Canada. The meeting was chaired by Clara Sorrenti, organizer of the YCL in London. There was also a dynamic spoken word performance by Mohammad Ali, an artist and activist from Toronto.[2]


The Communist Party of Canada's 33rd convention held in 2001 elected the following members to its leading body, the Central Executive Committee: Miguel Figueroa (general secretary), Elizabeth Rowley (leader of the Communist Party of Ontario), Dan Goldstick, Helen Kennedy, Andre Parizeau (leader of the Parti communiste du Quebec), Darrell Rankin (leader of the Communist Party of Canada - Manitoba), and Kimball Cariou (editor of People's Voice).

British Columbia Communist Party leader George Gidora was elected in place of Helen Kennedy at the party's 34th convention, held in early in 2004. All other incumbent members were re-elected to their positions. Parizeau was removed from office in 2005.

There is also a larger body, the Central Committee, which is elected at convention and meets in intervening years. The Central Committee nominates the members of the Central Executive Committee (what would be called the Politburo in other Communist parties) and the composition of the CEC is ratified by convention.