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The Committee of Americans for Peace in the Middle East CAPME, was a combined project of hardcore communists, leftists and liberals who claimed to be in support of both Israel and the Palestinians in terms of seeking a peaceful answer to their conflict, but upon closer examination, too many communists and sympathizers appeared in the list of supporter of their June 22, 1980 add in the New York Times to be coincidental. In fact, these people were at the core of the non-Moslem, non-Arab "PLO Lobby" as seen in their records of activities over a long period of time.

Also, a few, years later, represented the "convergence" of the anti-Israel Left with the anti-Israel/Jewish radical extremist Moslem forces.

CAPME described itself thusly: "The Committee is a coalition of individuals active in national Jewish organizations and committed to the survival of a secure State of Israel and national self-determination for the Palestinian people."

Their address was: CAPME 530 West End Avenue New York City, NY, 10024

Their full page ad in the [[New York Times}] of June 22, 1980 was entitled "End Middle East BLOODSHED" and stated that "This message has been coordinated by the Committee of Americans for Peace in the Middle East".[1]

It "condemned" killings, bombings, and attacks on both sides, claiming that "They are crimes against humanity and barriers between the two peoples who can and must make peace: the Palestinians and the Israelis."

Their "moral equivalency" was not more apparent than in the sentence that said: "We deplore the continued destructive acts of some Palestinian groups including factions of the PLO and of some Israeli groups including some of the right wing factions, Kach and Gush Emunim."

Conveniently left out of this was the fact that the PLO Charter called for the destruction of the Jewish state of Israel, wanting to "throw them into the sea", and that the Palestinians wanted their state in the whole land of Israel as well as the West Bank (Judea and Samaria). As for "factions of the PLO" who were continuing "destructive acts", in reality, it was all factions of the PLO who carried out attacks on Israel and Israelis, not only in Israel proper but all around the world (i.e. Vienna, Munich, Buenos Aires, the U.S., England, etc), including airplanes in the skies.

Sponsors/supporters of this ad were listed by geographical location. The following is a list of those who are significant in that they often were members of the Hanoi Lobby, the PLO Lobby, leftist Jewish groups, and for some, key supporters of Communist Party USA CPUSA fronts and causes including WILPF, WSP, and "Jewish Affairs". The majority of those on the list were not known as far-left extremists, but often as being left/liberal. Others were totally unknown on the national scene, and some may still be identified further in the future and added to the list.

Sponsors: Northern California:

Southern California:

District of Columbia:





New Jersey:

New York City:

Id. member of the CPUSA[5]

New York State:



Other States:

[A note on the ad said that "This is a partial listing", and only selected names were taken from the ad itself for this page]


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