Coalition for a People's Convention

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Template:TOCnestleft Coalition for A People's Convention was a front for the Communist Workers Party.


The short-lived Coalition for a People's Convention, aka The People's Convention, was basically announced in a half-page notice in the Marxist weekly "Guardian", their Book Supplement - Summer 1984, p. 12. It was a Marxist/leftist dominated organization featuring a lot of West Coast Marxists among their members/endorsers. The full notice is reproduced immediately below but with the "narrative" raison d'etre moved from center page to the beginning position in order to make for easier reading.

"Survivalfest 84"


"Come To Hear And Strategize With Those Changing The 1980's"

  • How can we support each other in electing progressive local candidates?
  • How can we make electoral work serve the grassroots movements for a freeze, for U.S. out of Central America and human needs?
  • How can we over turn the racist dual primary system in the South?
  • Is working inside and outside the Democratic Party a viable strategy and how can it be done?
  • How can we formulate demands to revitalize our basic industries without falling into the pitfall of the chauvinist anti-import solution -- letting U.S. finance capital off the hook?

SPEAKERS:(partial list)

PARTICIPANTS: (Partial List)



{end of lists)

"For more information call or write: "Coalition for A People's Convention", (415) 536-2200 or 644-8115, 3125 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley, CA, 94705

Large type at bottom of notice: "THE PEOPLE'S CONVENTION", July 13-16, 1984, Laney College, Oakland, California