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Template:TOCnestleft Cliff Kornfeld is a Pennsylvania activist.

Mickey Jarvis connection

Cliff Kornfeld knew Mickey Jarvis well;

just learned from Mike Zweig about Mickey's death. I always had great respect and fondness for him and regret his passing dearly. I cannot attend the memorial service on such short notice as I am in Miami. However, I will be present in thought and feeling. The coincidence is shocking because last week, I was watching the news reports about the collapse next to the Hudson River Parkway. It was a trigger to recall the days in the Bronx and the crowd in the original three collectives. I thought about dinner with Mickey and Ginny and the diet pepsi/diet coke wars and the first and last time I had KFC, which was at Mickey's insistence. Memories flooded back of Steve, Mark, Priscilla, Ginny, Laura, the original newspaper office etc. We will always remember him for the central role he played in everyone's lives and the great efforts, the great ambitions and the great madness that possessed us all. Marta and Mickey were brightest stars in our universe at the time. It would have been inconceivable to imagine them both leaving us in such a short period. Give my fondest regards to Ginny and Steve and send me their email addresses so I can tell them personally. I would of course like to see the video as I appreciated receiving Marta's. I expect you will see Mark Goldberg at the memorial and of course say Hi for me. [1]

China delegation

Joe Iosbaker June 8 2019·

A photo from the delegation I was on with the Revolutionary Workers Headquarters in China in 1978.


Alan Canfora, Leslie Jerry Carr, Sarah Martin and Cliff Kornfeld. Maja Stoll was on separate delegation which intersected with the Revolutionary Workers Headquarters delegation.



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