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Claire Wyatt

Claire Wyatt (aka Claire Boynton) is a Virginia/Washington DC activist. She is the Virginia Student Power Network Organizer at New Virginia Majority and a former Fellow at National Student Power Convergence. Lives in Washington DC.


Studied at University of Virginia Went to Hockaday School

Sanders event team

Tomas Kennedy April 15 2020·


‪One last Bernie related shoutout! I feel lucky to have been able to be part of the small but mighty national events team for the campaign! Will miss these folks ❤️‬ — with Ruth Sussman, Caroline Shaffer, Sophie Lasoff, Claire Wyatt and Harinee Suthakar.


Claire Wyatt July 25, 2017 ·


oh hai 👋🏻☺️ — with Ben Griesinger, Matt Cordeiro, David Caicedo, Billy Wimsatt, James Cersonsky and Ian Matchett.

Virginia Student Power Network Core Team

Virginia Student Power Network core team organizers from around the state are hard at work, planning for the upcoming semester. — with Taylor Janay Manigoult, Ibby Han, Kalia Harris, Nqobile Mthethwa, Beatrice Ohene-Okae, Yvette Agyei and Claire Wyatt.[1]

Virginia Day of Action Against Student Debt

Virginia Student Power Network, organized Sunday 17 January 2016, till Monday 18 January 2016 in Richmond "a public Statewide Speak-Out Against Student Debt, rallying at the Capitol, meeting with legislators, and demonstrating our power..."

Those indicating their support on the Wherevent website included Melquiades Fernandez, Anelle Mensah, Lucas Rodriguez, Reid Parker, Brigitte Coles, Emma White, Izzy Pezzulo, Kailah Hartsfield, Lindsay Mottola, Laura Cross, Phoebe Bugay, Amanda Claire Ritchie, Aaida Tesfa, Giancarla Rojas, Liz Janot Montalvo, Atisha Amin, Bemnet Gebreyesus Agata, MaryAnn Vega, Ava Camille, Scott Loudin, Rondene Grinam, Carii Rodriguez, Geoffrey Payne Colaizzi, Brian Cameron, Erica Miller, Claire Wyatt, Kalia Harris, Samyukta Venkat, Samantha Parsons, Camila Aranguíz-Allende, Sarah Shinton, Amanda Grace Montalvo, Hannah Beaman, Moige Nyamweya, Rodrigo Velasquez, Rolando Flores-Santos, Farah Alashqar, Noah Goodwin, Beatrice Ohene-Okae, Todd Le, Ian Nakayama, .[2]



Tram Nguyen August 13, 2016.

New Virginia Majority is proud to join the #FightFor15.

H/t Ingris Moran, Melquiades Fernandez, Claire Wyatt, David Pala, Joshua Ryan San Miguel, Matt Rogers, Josie Mace, Jon Liss.

Now What? Defying Trump and the Left's Way Forward


Now What? Defying Trump and the Left's Way Forward was a phone in webinar organized by Freedom Road Socialist Organization in the wake of the 2016 election.

Now what? We’re all asking ourselves that question in the wake of Trump’s victory. We’ve got urgent strategizing and work to do, together. Join Ash-Lee Woodard Henderson of the Movement for Black Lives and Freedom Road, Calvin Cheung-Miaw, Jodeen Olguin-Taylor of Mijente and WFP, Joe Schwartz of the Democratic Socialists of America, and Sendolo Diaminah of Freedom Road for a discussion of what happened, and what we should be doing to build mass defiance. And above all, how do we build the Left in this, which we know is the only solution to the crises we face?

This event will take place Tuesday November 15, 2016 at 9pm Eastern/8pm Central/6pm Pacific.

Those saying they would attend, on Facebook included Claire Wyatt .[3]


Claire Wyatt July 29, 2014 ·


With Erik Forman, Ian Matchett, Samantha Morgan and Sean Estelle.