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Chuck Collins

Chuck Collins is a Senior Scholar[1] at the Institute for Policy Studies and directs IPS’s Program on Inequality and the Common Good. He is an expert on U.S. inequality and author of several books, including Economic Apartheid in America: A Primer on Economic Inequality and Insecurity (New Press, 2005). He coordinates a national effort to preserve the federal estate tax,the US's only tax on inherited wealth. He co-authored with Bill Gates Sr. Wealth and Our Commonwealth, (Beacon Press, 2003), a case for taxing inherited fortunes[2].

New Party builder

New Party News Fall 1994 listed over 100 New Party activists-"some of the community leaders, organizers, retirees,, scholars, artists, parents, students, doctors, writers and other activists who are building the NP" the list included Chuck Collins, Share the Wealth.

United for a Fair Economy

In 1995, Collins co-founded United for a Fair Economy (UFE) to raise the profile of the inequality issue and support popular education and organizing efforts to address inequality. In 1997, he co-founded Responsible Wealth, a project of UFE, to bring together business leaders and investors to publicly speak out against economic policies and corporate practices that worsen economic inequality. He was Executive Director of UFE from 1995-2001 and Program Director until 2005.

Chuck Collins and Karen Kraut worked for United for a Fair Economy in 2002.[3]

Democratic Left articles

In 1995 Chuck Collins, of Share the Wealth wrote an article "Corporate Welfare Makes the Budget Go 'Round - A New Campaign Against Subsidies for the Rich" for DSA's Democratic Left, July/August 1995 issue .[4]

In 1997 Marc Bayard and Chuck Collins, staffers of United for a Fair Economy wrote an article "Organizing to Close the Wage Gap and Reform Excessive Pay" for DSA's Democratic Left, Issue # 7 / 8.[5]

"Eliminating Corporate Welfare"

10/10 95 - "Eliminating Corporate Welfare" with Rep. Nydia Velazquez (D-NY), Richard Barnet (Institute for Policy Studies), Chuck Collins (Share The Wealth Project). Learning Alliance.[6]

DSA connections

On November 16, 1995 Boston Democratic Socialists of America sponsored a forum entitled "Is Corporate America History's '24-Hour Bug'?" Speakers included Chuck Collins of the Share the Wealth Campaign and Richard Grossman of the Program on Corporations, Law, and Democracy.[7]

In 2004, Co-founder, United for a Fair Economy, was one of several "members or friends" of Boston Democratic Socialists of America, submitting opinion pieces to the March The Yankee Radical on the Presidential elections .[8]

My personal politics are Dennis Kucinich. But my Presidential voting booth behavior is not a matter of deep principle or personal identification with a candidate. Rather it’s a tactical question as to which candidate will best help open up social movement building opportunities, especially with new constituencies not in the progressive camp. Obviously this year in the final election, the overriding concern is ousting George Bush.

The 2011 Debs-Thomas-Bernstein Awards, sponsored by Boston Democratic Socialists of America, took place June 11, 56 Perkins Street, Jamaica Plain. The reception honored a long-time advocate for low wage workers and community empowerment along with a best-selling author — Rocio Saenz and Matt Taibbi. Co-Chairs were Lisa Clauson, Co-Director of Community Labor United and Chuck Collins of the Institute for Policy Studies.[9]

Jamaica Plain Forum

Chuck Collins, a local neighbor and activist founded the Jamaica Plain Forum in 2008.[10]

Demos Involvement

In 2009 Chuck Collins was an affiliate staff member for New York based think tank Demos as Director of the Tax Program -Business for Shared Prosperity..[11]

Take Back the American Dream Conference 2011

Chuck Collins was one of the 158 speakers who addressed the Take Back the American Dream Conference 2011 . The Conference was hosted by the Institute for Policy Studies, and Democratic Socialists of America dominated Campaign for America's Future, [12]

Maine Initiatives

Maine Initiatives, is "a progressive community foundation, is a network of individuals supporting greater social, economic, and environmental justice in Maine through informed, intentional, and collective philanthropy".

Advisors include Karin Anderson, Michael Barndollar, Elena Brandt, Brownie Carson, Elaine Cinciva, Chuck Collins, Al Crichton, Deborah Curtis, Joel D. Davis, Maureen Drouin, Janet Henry, Michael Herz, R. Stephen Jenks, Meredith Jones, Lincoln Ladd, Jonathan Lee, Donald G. Myer, Janet O’Toole, Chellie Pingree, Hannah Pingree, Pamela Plumb, Andy Robinson, Neil Rolde, Sharon L. Rosen, Christopher Saint John, Scott Schnapp, Janet Schrock, Bill Vandenberg, Lee Webb, Anne Zill.[13]