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Christian Perez is a New Jersey activist.

New Brunswick sanctuary protest


Central New Jersey Democratic Socialists of America, February 7, 2017; ·

The DSA cohort from the New Brunswick sanctuary protest today!
Photograph thanks to Young Democratic Socialists of Princeton comrade Nora Schultz. — with Christian Perez, Ben Burgis, Christian Tyler, Russell David, Nicky Steidel, Max Grear, Cole Diehl and Rohana Lohani Chase.

Jersey Shore DSA Public Facebook Group


Jersey Shore Democratic Socialists of America Public Facebook Group; as of June 24,2017;[1]

Admins Chrissy Capella made Allyson Dwyer, Christian Perez and Krervrirnr Crurprlrers admins.

New York DSA Facebook group

Members of the New York City Democratic Socialists of America Public Facebook Group, as of July 20, 2017 included Christian Perez.[2]

DSA Social Democratic Caucus Caucus Closed FB group

Members of the DSA Social Democratic Caucus, closed Facebook group, as of March 2, 2018, included Christian Perez[3]