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Chris McDonough with Husband

Chris McDonough is an activist based in Wisconsin. She was a delegate for Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign 2016.

Husband with AFSCME

Chris McDonough Tweet

Chris McDonough's husband was with AFSCME per her tweet from Aug 1, 2011.[1]

Solicited Money for Travel as Delegate

Chris McDonough Twitter Screenshot

From GoFundMe:[2]

My name is Chris McDonough, I was elected as a Bernie Sanders delegate representing Wisconsin's 2nd congressional district.
I'm an activist ,mother, grandmother, wife, former Medical Lab Tech, Health Care IT professional and current caretaker of my adult disabled daughter and grandson.
My passion is creating a better world. Utilizing my professional skills and my knowledge of the political process I advocate for actions that promote the common good.
The closest issues to my heart are those the effect the most vulnerable people in our society. I believe my personal and professional experiences provide me with a unique view of what is happening to those vulnerable citizens
Other major driving forces for my activism are
climate Change, Income Inequality & social justice.
Will you help?
This campaign is to raise funds that will allow me to travel from Wisconsin to Philadelphia for the convention. I need to cover transportation ( car, plane or train ), food, hotel and any other trip related expenses. The total Is my best estimated at this time.
I had planned on staying with friends to keep costs low but the campaign is requiring all delegates to stay at the hotel to better facilitate meetings etc. The expense for the hotel alone is $2,000.00. Due to the expenses of taking care of my daughter & grandson, this would be cost prohibitive for me. I appreciate any help that you might be able to provide.
When is this Happening?
July 24-28
With such a short time frame for planning, please donate as soon as possible. Earlier reservations offer better prices.
As a Bernie delegate to the Democratic National Convention
I will fervently support Bernie Sanders bid for the presidency.
I will support all efforts to get Bernie 2016 Campaign issues into the Democratic platform·
I will work with others to lay the groundwork for a massive movement that will exist long after the election is over.
Beyond Elections
I believe with all of my heart that a massive movement is a remedy for the PTSD-inducing election cycles. The only way that we will rid ourselves of non-responsive corporate owned politicians in elected office is to have a massive enough movement to vote them out.
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
I would be very grateful for any contribution that you can make to help me get to Philadelphia for the convention.
In Solidarity,
  1. StillSanders #FeelTheBern

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