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Chris Laursen

Chris Laursen is an Iowa activist. Lives in Ottumwa, Iowa. In a relationship with Nora Taft.


Went to Ottumwa High School


  • Works at Union-Uaw Local 74
  • Worked at John Deere Ottumwa Works

Military background

Chris Laursen served in the U.S. Army as a scout in Fox Trp. 2/11 ACR.[1]


Chris Laursen, joined the army at 17 and served in the first Gulf War. By the time he came home to work at John Deere, he was convinced the conflict had only served to enrich the military-industrial complex. Last year, he went to the Democratic National Convention as a “Bernie-or-Bust” delegate. To say Clinton’s nomination disappointed him would be an understatement. “I couldn’t vote for her,” he said. “She’s a warmonger in bed with big business.”

Laursen went on to run Jill Stein’s Iowa campaign, but after Trump’s election he decided third parties weren’t the answer. One of his first actions as president was to “go rogue” and announce his support for Glasson, breaking with the common practice of UAW locals to wait for an endorsement from their national leadership.

“The national union betrayed us when they supported Clinton despite her stance on TPP,” Laursen said. “We don’t need more corporate Dems.”

Laursen, the UAW president, has a similar line. He recently formed a labor action committee and is taking steps to politically educate his mostly-white membership. The discussions focus on labor, but he believes that convincing people to move to the left on workplace issues will result in broader political conversions.

“I like the DSA kids a lot,” Laursen said. “But you can’t just sit in the library sipping coffee and talking about Marxist theory. You have to get out there and convince people to stop voting against their own interests.” [2]

Political beginnings

I first became active in politics during the Occupy Wall St. movement. It was the first time I realized that millions of Americans were just as disgusted and incensed as I was with our ‘pay to play’ political system. But it wasn’t until Bernie Sanders ran for president that I felt any sort of hope. It was then when I turned the corner. It was then that I committed myself completely and without reservation to challenging the status quo oligarchy.[3]

LULAC Ottumwa

Nicholas Salazar June 20 2019·

Congrats to the newly elected officers of The League of United Latin American Citizens Council 377 of Ottumwa, Iowa. I look forward to seeing this group of strong leaders at work in their communtiy.

LULAC Ottumwa has a trifecta of councils.

They have an adult council, collegiate council, and a youth council.

  1. LULACstrong — with Edith Cabrera, Sandra Trejo and Chris Laursen.

Progressive Caucus

In 2017 Chris Laursen was an Iowa Democratic Party Progressive Caucus Veterans Caucus Vice Chair Candidate.

Iowa City DSA Executive Committee


In may 2017, the Executive Committee of Iowa City Democratic Socialists of America included Rose Fiala, Emmett Rensin, Courtney O'Meara, Ian Gonzalez, Bill Harshbarger, Emery Hemingway, Chris Laursen.[4]

Iowa City DSA Facebook closed group page


As of May 10, 2017;




Iowa City Democratic Socialists of America shared Chris Laursen's live video, May 20 2017·


Jamie Kearney, Matt Kearney, Rod Sullivan, Elizabeth Dinschel, Joe Bolkcom, Mazahir Salih, Steve Siegel, Kate Kane, Daniel Clark, Jodi Clemens, Mike Carberry, Jaime Allen, Liz Bennett, Rob Hogg, Sandy Dockendorff, Iris DeMent, Nora Taft, Louie Meier.

DSA of Iowa public Facebook group

In September 2017 Chris Laursen was a member of the Democratic Socialists of Iowa public Facebook group.

Backing Glasson


Iowa’s Progressive Leaders for Cathy Glasson November 18 at 7:40pm;

Hey Iowa! Are you ready to get fired up?!? Then check out governor candidate CATHY GLASSON!! I shot this video of her rallying workers outside a Burger King at sunrise on Labor Day morning. THIS is the kind of people powered movement we need to take back our state. Iowans are fed up with legislators and a state government that puts corporate greed above the good of the people. ALL Iowans deserve a living wage, quality healthcare, a good education, clean water and a voice at their job. We’re not going to get it till we stand together and fight for it!!! #RiseUpIowa

In solidarity,
Chris Laursen
President, UAW Local 74

Progressive leaders for Glasson


Iowa’s Progressive Leaders for Cathy Glasson public Facebook group, accessed November 26, 2017.[5]

Admins and Moderators

  • Chris Laursen, Works at Union-Uaw Local 74. Created group on November 9, 2017.
  • Jason Frerichs, Iowa City High School

Our Revolution Central Iowa Facebook

Members of Our Revolution Central Iowa closed Facebook group, accessed November 27, 2017 included Chris Laursen.[6]


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