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Template:TOCnestleft Chris Baumann works at Georgia Association of Educators. Lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

UNC Chapel Hill activism

Chris Baumann on activism at UNC Chapel Hill.

You know, it just doesn’t [snaps fingers] happen like that. I mean, we had, you know, our teachers, and with Margo Crawford and the Campus Y leaders, Al McSurely, I mean, we definitely had older folks around us kind of moving us along, and, of course, Marsha and Annie and Larry, I mean, they were all older than us. But also you’ve got to learn, right? That’s where you learn. But, I mean, we didn’t know what we were doing. I mean, look, SEAC grew out of nothing, right, just putting an ad in the newspaper. The Black Cultural Center started with a small meeting, and all these things happened. And again, while we won victories with the housekeepers, there’s still a lot of work.[1]

Forward Motion

Chris Baumann an organiser with the UNC Housekeepers Association , contributed an interview with Barbara Prear to Freedom Road Socialist Organization's Forward Motion December 1993 "Homeless in Ohio."

Other UNC Housekeepers Association activists included Larry Farrar, Annie Pettiford, Chris Smith and Marsha Tinnen.[2]

Always welcome were honored guests like...

The Pink House always welcome were honored guests like...

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