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Cesar Aguilar


Arizona Students Association, August 2, 2014 ·


With Hamza Elanfassi, Zach Brooks, Bren Pantilione, Elias Miles, Shayna Stevens, Christopher Arthur Carlson, Corey Woods, Lupe Conchas, Patrick Morales and Cesar Aguilar at Arizona Students Association.

Remembering Todd Wiandt

PDA Arizona May 30 2018;


The community came to remember Todd today. Activists from the Arizona Dream Act Coalition, Democratic Socialists of America, Progressive Democrats of America and so much more. We all learned a lesson from Todd .......Show up, bring your smile and get to work. He taught us to always have each others back. What an amazing human being. We love you Todd Wiandt ! Forever with us in the fight and in our hearts! La lucha sigue compañero. — with Dan O'Neal, Franki Garza, Jessica Mendoza, Natacha Chavez, Cesar Aguilar, Isa ONeal, Camaron Stevenson, LaDawn Stuben, Osiel Ibarra, Patrick Morales, Lupe Conchas, Chula Robertson, Belen Sisa, Patti Serrano, Casey Boyd, Stephanie Marie Adames, William Nelson, Redeem Robinson II and Len Clark.

Field Organizers

Patrick Morales June 4, 2016;

Our first wave of Field Organizers has come to town! #ADP


Please tag whoever I missed! — with Ryan Mulcahy, Jacob McIntosh, Seth Lounsbury, Joey Postiglione, Mitzi Epstein, Jon Sutton, Justin Tyler Williams, Alison Marciniak, Nina Morales, Sean Bowie, Max Meghan Toubman, Abby Olmstead, Cris Romero, Natalie Dunn, Cassidy Danielle, Chris Walker, Zaira Emiliana Livier, Eric Meyer, Robert Morus, Sierra Yamanaka, Cathy Hozian, Chula Robertson, Elizabeth Porter, Kelli Butler, Sonja Denton, Gabriel Acosta and Cesar Aguilar.

Kirkpatrick for Arizona

Michelle Robertson, May 21, 2016.


With Cesar Aguilar, Ryan D. Winkle, Athena Salman, Timothy Castro, Juan Mendez, Bill Mundell, Isela Blanc, Joe Downs, Patrick Morales, Adrian Fontes, Paul J. Penzone and Tomas E. Robles, Jr..