Center for Constitutional Rights (Donors)

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Donors to the Center (date and reference to be confirmed shortly). The following 1480 organizations and individuals made donations to the Center:

$100,000 and above









In honor of

The following had donations (of $250-499) made to CCR in their honor by friends, family members or organizations. Many of these donations were in lieu of birthday, wedding or holiday gifts, or in commemoration of a special occasion. CCR states, "We thank both the donor and the recipient for sharing their support and for introducing new people to CCR's work."


In memory of

Friends, family and loved ones made gifts to CCR in memory of the following. CCR states, "By designating CCR for support (often instead of flowers or on the occasion of the anniversary of a passing), donors both promote their own social justice values and recognize that the individual being honored shared these values and would be proud of the work continuing."