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Cedric Robinson...

Black Radical Congress

In March 1998 “Endorsers of the Call” to found a Black Radical Congress included Cedric Robinson, Professor of Black Studies, University of California at Santa Barbara, CA[1].

Race & Class

In 2009, the Editorial Working Committee of Race & Class, published on behalf of the UK based Institute of Race Relations, included John Berger, Lee Bridges, Victoria Brittain, Jan Carew, Jeremy Corbyn, Basil Davidson, Avery Gordon, Barbara Harlow, Saul Landau, Neil Lazarus, Manning Marable, Nancy Murray, Colin Prescod, Barbara Ransby, Cedric Robinson, Bill Rolston and Chris Searle[2].

Confronting Racial Capitalism conference

Paul Ortiz November 21, 2014:


With Cedric Robinson and Elizabeth Robinson in 2014 at the Confronting Racial Capitalism conference and thinking through the challenges we face today. The book that has grown from this collaboration, "Futures of Black Radicalism" is out NOW by Verso edited by Gaye Theresa Johnson and Alex Lubin and available for a 50% discount! . https://www.versobooks.com/books/2438-futures-of-black-radicalism — with Robin D. G. Kelley, Thulani Davis, Christina Heatherton, Danny Widener, Jordan T. Camp, Angela Davis, Ruth Wilson Gilmore and Elizabeth Robinson at The Graduate Center, CUNY.