Catherine Pinkerton

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Catherine Pinkerton

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Faith in Public Life

In 2004, Rev. Jim Wallis, Rabbi David Saperstein, Melissa Rogers, Rev. James Forbes, Ricken Patel and Sister Catherine Pinkerton were involved with the initiative from which Faith in Public Life was created. Officially launched in 2006, the organization seeks to build the faith movement’s media presence and capacity, providing strategic assistance to faith-based coalitions, brokering new partnerships, developing online communities, sponsoring opinion research, and amplifying the voices of emerging religious leaders.[1]


Pinkerton was listed as the Lobbyist with NETWORK, as early as October 25, 2006,[2] and as late as April 1, 2010. As at Jan. 18, 2011, she was no longer listed as a staff-member.[3] Network seeks to be a Catholic leader in the global movement for justice and peace through education, lobbying and organizing for economic and social transformation.[4]

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