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Carol Cizauskas is Communications Director at Madison Democratic Socialists of America.

As a volunteer elected to this position, responsible for public outreach, will initiate and maintain contact with appropriate media and groups in the Madison area about Democratic Socialists of America - Madison activities and positions, and for managing the social media communications of the local chapter.[1]

Originally from Falls Church, Virginia.

Madison DSA leadership

Democratic Socialists of America - Madison, March 25 2018.

Incoming executive committee. L-R: chair, treasurer, administrator, director of communications. — at Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center.

Ted Glomski left, Andrew Sernatinger second from left and Carol Cizauskas right

MADSA May 2 2018 General Membership Meeting


Meeting Chairs: Ted Glomski, Carol Cizauskas Notetaker: Sam Neylon

Forward 2018 conference


Carol Cizauskas, Dayna Long, Albert Cizauskas, Jr., Dan S. Wang.

Fighting for Social Justice

Carol Cizauskas volunteered as Campaign Co-Manager and Volunteer Coordinator for the Berniest Democrat who ran for Congress in Nevada’s second congressional district, Rick Shepherd in Spring 2016. She participated in The People’s Summit in Chicago June 2016 in order to connect with other strong progressives throughout the nation and to bring back to Nevada ideas and best practices and the fruit of that networking with fellow political revolutionaries in northern Nevada.

She then participated in the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia as an elected Bernie delegate from Nevada’s second congressional district. At the convention, she protested for social justice and peace during a convention where the status quo, corporatism, nationalism, and the military-industrial complex did its best to overrun the voice of Bernie supporters who will not go quietly into that dark, Orwellian night – in fact, they will not go into that night at all.

In February 2017, Carol Cizauskas participated in Sister Giant, hosted by Marianne Williamson, an internationally acclaimed spiritual author and lecturer, and Derrick Harkins, Vice President of Union Theological Seminary. This conference in Washington, D.C., explored the intersection of spirituality and politics with keynote speaker Senator Bernie Sanders and a host of experts speaking on the most critical spiritual and political issues of our day. When she returned home, Carol hosted video-viewing parties for fellow progressives in Reno to watch the 24 hours of livestream videos from the conference. Most recently, she applied for, was accepted, and participated in the second annual People’s Summit in Chicago. At the summit, she connected with fellow progressives from her new state, Wisconsin, where she plans to put to use the non-violent direct action training and political ideas to continue the fight for social justice.[3]



  • Studied English and German at University of Notre Dame
  • Studied German language literature at Universitaet Innsbruck
  • Went to Bishop Denis J. O'connell[5]


  • Former Freelance Journalist at Reno News & Review
  • Former Student Advisor at Charter College
  • Former Enrollment Call Center Trainer at Alere
  • Former Northwest News Network Bureau Correspondent at Northwest Public Radio
  • Former Freelance Nevada Correspondent at National Public Radio
  • Former News anchor and Reporter at KUNR-FM, National Public Radio Charter Station
  • Former Radio News Reporter, Radio Annnouncer at News Talk 780 KOH
  • Former High Sierra Community Radio Manager at Sierra Nevada Community Access Television
  • Former Executive Secretary at Harrah's Entertainment
  • Former Volunteer News Intern at Reno Public Radio[6]