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Carlos Naranjo

Carlos Naranjo Valnera is a member of POWIR. He has worked for The New Florida Majority.


Youth Against Empire held its first public event on Oct. 17 2020 called "End the Wars at Home and Abroad."

Moderators were Win-Mon Kyi Resist US-Led War Movement, International League of Peoples' Stuggles, Calvin Deutschbein Workers World Party and International Action Center Participants included Vichina Austin and Kyndelle Johnson, Black Alliance for Peace, and Kala Craddock McIntosh Pan-African Community Action, Jordan Faralan Anakbayan USA, Autumn Lake Minnesota Anti-War Committee, Taylor Cook Tampa Bay Students for a Democratic Society, Jae Yates Twin Cities Coalition for Justice 4 Jamar, Nicholas Brannan Socialist Action, Carlos Naranjo of POWIR and Colombian Progressives.[1]

New Florida Majority

Carlos Naranjo Valnera January 20 2020 · MLK parade in Broward!


— with Steffi Porter.

Gillum connection

Jordan Waide November 7, 2019 · We are excited to have @AndrewGillum in the house!!!

Thank you for meeting with our staff and voter registration team. This month NewFM is celebrating that we have registered 20k new voters in #Florida.


— with Des Morman Carlos Naranjo, Andrea Mercado, Jackie Jahosky.

“Unbossed and Unapologetic Visionary”

Jordan Waide October 18, 2019 ·


@newflmajority was presented with the “Unbossed and Unapologetic Visionary” Award by Mayor @AndrewGillum for our groundbreaking work in #Florida #BMC19 #Repost #FBF #FlashbackFriday — with Carlos Naranjo and Kelli Ann, Daniel Garcia, Monalisa Weber, Serena Perez, Tray Rock, Valencia Gunder, Nancy Metayer, Asa Roberts Shaw, Bertisha Jones, Gina Romero, Dwight Bullard, Andrea Mercado, Victricia Simmons at The New Florida Majority.


Tomas Kennedy February 17 2018.


Out here canvassing for Nancy Metayer. #MetayerForMayor — with Yaquelin Mela Lopez and Carlos Naranjo in Coral Springs, Florida.

Polo connection

Representative Cindy Polo - Florida House District 103 October 30, 2019 ·


— with Miramar Circle Of Protection and Wendy King, Bud Conlin, Maria Asuncion Bilbao, Lily Ber, Carlos Naranjo.

Carlos Naranjo July 17, 2019 ·

Black and Brown migrants catching hell at Miramar ICE.

Some electeds dropped by, no press or photo ops, just to hand out water and Know Your Rights info with the Miramar Circle of Protection.


Same DHS absurd and callous claims about the "chaos" that is the necessary passing out of some water, pastries and fruit to folks bearing the heat and the uncaring impositions by With Cindy Polo and Mitchell Stollberg, Lily Ber, Maria Asuncion Bilbao, Rosana Araujo, Bud Conlin, Peggy Mustelier, Jessica Garafola, Laura Estefania Munoz Quinones, Laurie Woodward Garcia.

Mugilan connection

Carlos Naranjo September 12 2020.

On the trails next to Hillsborough river at the state park there, with some dang Monsoon rain, so wet and so beautiful!!


— with Mathi Mugilan and Flavia Melisa Franco.

Community organizers

Selinda Guerrero September 22, 2019 ·

All this DOPE-ness this weekend in North Carolina! What an incredible weekend full of powerful amazing organizers!


— feeling optimistic with Isabella Mary Baker and Christian Gonzalez-Orbegoso, Emma Martinez, Carlos Naranjo, Yessica Maria, Adam Wade Drucker, Jorgyy Flecha, Alex Cole, Matt Kolbert, Tion Tucker-Allen.

Defending Venezuela

Gloria La Riva May 15, 2019 ·

Washington DC, Saturday, May 18!


— with Brian Becker and Steve Patt, Sean A. Blackmon, Carlos Naranjo, Ann Wright, Claire Cook, Jordan Wolf.

FLIC family

Tomas Kennedy July 28 2018:


‪The crew that’s going to radically change Florida politics. Florida Immigrant Coalition family.‬ — with Laura Estefania Munoz Quinones, Carlos Valnera, Lolalegriamaria Rodz, Paula Munoz, Isabel Vinent Grimany, Yaquelin Mela Lopez, Nery Lopez, Marleine Bastien, Mahrye Perez, Jasmen M. Rogers-Shaw, Julio Calderon and Tessa Petit.

Colombian Progressives

Colombian Progressives Miami August 6, 2018

Colombian Progressives Miami skipped lunch today to meet with Senator Bill Nelson's Team on urgent matters such as the murdering of community leaders in Colombia, global warming, and our concern for the conservative agenda that looks to attack the outgoing government's peace accord with FARC rebels. Peace is much more than the signing of a peace agreement. It's the building of a modern democratic society for all. Maryin Vargas (Candidate for Miami Dade Commission District 6) … See More

Colombian progressives.PNG

— with Carlos Naranjo and Maria Angelica Ramirez Barrera.

Carlos Naranjo Valnera July 6, 2018 ·


— with Juan Luis Vega Salazar and Juan Pablo Salas, Fritz Fandino, Camilo Garcia, Beto Coral Garrido, Marisol Restrepo, Janeth Vieira.

FRSO comrades


Carlos Naranjo, Dave Schneider, Jessica Schwartz, Conor Monroe, Cassia Laham.


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Tom Burke connection


Carlos Naranjo with Tom Burke.

Abuznaid connection


Carlos Naranjo and Ahmad Abuznaid.

Dump Trump

Tomas Kennedy January 20, 2017 ·


— with Ksen Go and Carlos Naranjo, Cassia Laham, and Megan Shade in Downtown Miami


Conor Monroe April 10, 2016 ·


With Nidia Quintero. Leader of FENSUAGRO, Colombia's biggest agricultural workers union. — with Cassia Theresa, Nidia Quintero and Carlos Valnera Naranjo.

Green Party

Jason Dilan October 25, 2016 · Hollywood Beach Gardens, FL ·

Green Party in bad ass!


— with Steve Showen and Michael Johnson, Tamara Johnson, Michaelangelo Hamilton, Elijah Manley, Victoria LK, Luz De La Mar, Nicole Sauvageau, Carlos Naranjo. .

Black Lives Matter Alliance

Black Lives Matter Alliance Broward August 30, 2016 ·

Today would have been Michael Eugene Wilson Jr's 28th birthday.

We stand with his family in their pursuit of justice for his killing at the hands of Hallandale Beach Police Department.

This is a reminder that Broward County is not immune from epidemic of police violence. We're right in the middle of it.


— with BlackVotes Matter Pompano Chapter, Irwin Cineus, Renee Mowatt, Asa Roberts Shaw, Nathan Patches Pim, Carlos Naranjo, Kizzy Rock, Jen Janeway, Paula Nobles, Sholom Yitzchak Neistein, Naike Owens.