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Carl Marzani of New York

Herbert Aptheker Testimonial Dinner

On April 28, 1966 Carl Marzani was a speaker at the Herbert Aptheker Testimonial Dinner. The dinner was held on the occasion of Herbert Aptheker's 50th birthday, the publication of his 20th book, and the 2nd anniversary of the American Institute for Marxist Studies. It was held in the Sutton Ballroom, The New York Hilton, Avenue of the Americas, 53rd to 54th Street, New York City. Most speakers, organizers and sponsors were known members or supporters of the Communist Party USA.

Marzani was also a sponsor of the event.[1]

New American Movement 10th convention

In 1981 Heidi Tarver, National Coordinator for the Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador; Carl Marzani and Rick Kunnes, National Secretary led a semi-plenary entitled International Movements at the 10th Convention of the New American Movement. The convention was held in a union headquarters in Chicago and ran from July 29 - August 2, 1981.[2]

Friend of the New American Movement

In 1981, Carlotte Marzani and Carl Marzani were listed as friends of the New American Movement.[3]

CoC National Conference endorser

In 1992 Carl Marzani, author, New York endorsed the Committees of Correspondence national conference Conference on Perspectives for Democracy and Socialism in the 90s held at Berkeley California July 17-19.[4]


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