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Carl Fillichio

Carl A. Fillichio is senior adviser to the secretary for public affairs and communication at the Department of Labor. He was previously a Clinton appointee, serving under labor secretaries Robert Reich and Alexis Hermann.[1]


After graduating from John Carroll University in Ohio, Fillichio joined a large PR firm that focused on social causes and marketing. After some time there, he went on to do some freelance PR work and began working for then-Labor Secretary Robert Reich. After two years with Reich, Fillichio continued with Labor Secretary Alexis Herman and served as his chief spokesperson. Fillichio managed the communications efforts during the UPS/Teamster strike and the negotiations for the global treaty to ban the worst forms of child labor. He managed the department’s release and communications efforts for all economic indicators and oversaw strategy and implementation of the department’s Labor Day activities.

After his tenure at Labor, Fillichio joined the Council on Excellence in Government. His duties there included managing the Innovations in American Government’ award, in association with Harvard University, as well as overseeing Public Service Recognition week. He also did work on public perceptions of government and attracting young people to government service.

Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund

Since 2004, Fillichio has contributed between $6,200 - $12,497 to the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund.[2] Fillichio is listed under the "Presidential Appointments" section of "Our Work" on the organization's website as an LGBT appointment in the Obama-Biden Administration.[3]

Conference on Democracy in America

From June 11-13, 2004, Fillichio attended the Conference on Democracy in America, sponsored by Let's Talk America and the Democracy in America Project.[4][5]

Council for Excellence in Government

As at May 9, 2007, Fillichio worked as vice president at the Council for Excellence in Government.[6]

U.S. Department of Labor

from left: Carl Fillichio, Hilda L. Solis, Sandra Polaski

Fillichio is senior adviser to Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis on public affairs and communication at the Department of Labor.[7]