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Candice Fortin Senior Organizer at Color Of Change PAC. NYC Production Assistant at VICE Canada.


"A letter from the movement to the movement'

In September 2019 Candice Fortin was one of 100 black leaders, many affiliated with Liberation Road who signed A letter from the movement to the movement defending Maurice Moe Mitchell and Nelini Stamp of the Working Families Party for endorsing Elizabeth Warren instead of Bernie Sanders for the Democratic Party presidential nomination.

DSA comrade

Peter Hogness June 16 2019:


DSA folks in NYC: If, like me, you are only now getting around to casting your ballot for national convention delegates, I urge you to put Candice Fortin high on your ranked-choice list. Candice is a Brooklyn activist with roots in Florida; I know her mainly from us both working, in different ways, to support last year's Florida referndum restoring voting rights to people with a past felony conviction, and Andrew Gillum's close race for governor. Fighting voter suppression, building the political power of voters of color, organizing a strong grassroots base for radical politics-- these are key strategic concerns where Candice has the kind of experience & vision our national convention will need.

In her candidate statement, Candice says, "I’m primarily an electoral organizer who has observed a need for DSA to authentically center people or color. I’m interested in seeing how we can involve communities we claim to care about: returning citizens, the homeless, undocumented etc." Voting for her as delegate is one way to advance those concerns.

Candice is endorsed by NYC-DSA co-chair Bianca Cunningham. She's not (as far as I know) on any slate-- and most of the delegate election discusson I've seen online has been slate-oriented. That's not bad in itself-- but I'd encourage folks to not just look at the slates, and put Candice high on your voting list.

Win Justice Community Organizer Training

Melissa Morales July 31, 2018:

Win Justice Community Organizer Training 2018! Because you can't save the world alone.

  1. WinJusticeLeague — with Irwin Cineus, Tomas Kennedy, Charles Ridley, Jackie Jahosky, Julio Calderon, Candice Fortin, Erika Grohoski Peralta, Jacquelyn Estinfort, John Muhammad, Ashley Green, Jabaar Edmond, Meghan Cottrell, Siottis Jackson, Luis Cerros, Petar Marinov, Angie Nixon, Christian Gonzalez-Orbegoso, Laura Goodhue, Hal Gentil, Laura Hernandez, Lauren Brenzel and Amy Busefink.

New Yorkers for Bernie

Jill Greenberg April 9, 2016


Welcome home, Bernie Sanders! New York, New York, it's a helluva town, the Bronx is up and the Battery's down ... Help Canvass & Win New York for Bernie!

  1. NYforBernie #WFP4Bernie #NYLabor4Bernie — with Darius Khalil Gordon, Raybblin Vargas, Gili Getz, Lillian Gorman, Rachel Eve Stein, Arlene Geiger, Miriam Rabban, Mindy Rosier, Phillip Anderson, Joe Dinkin, Javier Anderson, Andrew C. White, Rafael Shimunov, Ian Williams, Elena Hermanson, Susan M. Dooha, Karla Fisk, Moumita Ahmed, Andi Dier, Flora Ichiou Huang, Caleb-Michael Files, Dave Handy, Charles Lenchner, Jon E. Dominos, Owen Crowley, Sam Himmelstein, Kristina Andreotta, Daniel Millstone, Heidi Siegfried, Glenn Oldhoff, Maria Svart, Sam Massol, Nadya Stevens, Winnie Wong, Akiko Ichikawa, Peter Hogness, Mark L. Hannay, David Unger, Jeffrey Gold, Emiljana Ulaj, Alice Fisher, Katherine Brezler, Josh Siegel, Steve Oliver and Candice Fortin.