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Camren Ward

YDS leaders

Young Democratic Socialists - Leaders is a closed Facebook group for leaders of their Young Democratic Socialists chapters.

As of June 17, 2017, members included Camren Ward.[1]

Northwestern YDSA founders

Eugene Debs died in 1926, but that won’t stop Camren Ward from considering writing in the name of the socialist politician on Nov. 8. Ward voted for Bernie Sanders in the Illinois Democratic primary but said he will not vote for Hillary Clinton in the general election.

Weinberg junior Charles Blackstone, a member of the group, said Ward will likely serve as the president of the NU chapter, which is awaiting approval from the national headquarters. Aside from the current members, there are “a dozen or two” other students who have shown interest, Blackstone said.

Although Blackstone, Ward and Jalil Khoury, another member of the group, are all registered as Democrats, they said they won’t necessarily vote for Democratic candidates in future elections. Blackstone said the Young Democratic Socialists don’t have to support Democrats and instead can act as a third-party option.[2]