Campaign to Protect the Affordable Housing Law

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The Campaign to Protect the Affordable Housing Law


The Campaign holds that the Affordable Housing Law is the most effective tool Massachusetts has to create affordable housing. They state that the Affordable Housing Law has been responsible for 80% of the affordable housing created in Massachusetts over the past decade, outside the major cities.[1]

Victory on No. 2

On November 2, 2010, 1.25 million Massachusetts residents and 285 cities and towns voted to support the Massachusetts Affordable Housing Law.[2]


As at March 1, 2011, the following organizations and individuals were members of the coalition:[3]



Elected Officials


Interfaith Statement of Support

The following were signatories to an "Interfaith Statement of Support for the Massachusetts Affordable Housing Law". The statement reads in part,[5]

We stand together against efforts to repeal the Massachusetts Affordable Housing Law, a critical means of expanding affordable housing opportunities for thousands of people who need it. Housing is a basic human need... Social justice and the dignity of all persons are fundamental values for communities of faith and they call us to speak out: All people should have the opportunity to live in affordable, safe housing."


Seniors, Disabled, and Veterans

Residents of Affordable Housing Developments

Academics and Economists


Legal Services

NeighborWorks America Affiliates in Massachusetts

Habitat for Humanity

Health and Human Services

Community Development

Local and Regional Affordable Housing

Real Estate

Community Supporters